Releases for March 2015

03/31/2015 Professor helps attract Indian students to SIU

03/31/2015 Lecture will focus on police use of force

03/31/2015 Lecture will explore role of faith in politics

03/31/2015 ‘Coffee with a Cop’ starts April 9 at Student Center

03/31/2015 Southern Illinois University Arts and Cultural Events

03/30/2015 Media Availability – Astronomer Matt Penn

03/30/2015 WellSIU ‘Tuesday Trek’ is March 31

03/30/2015 Poll: Illinois voters wary of fracking

03/30/2015 Touch of Nature to host environmental forum

03/30/2015 Africana Theatre Laboratory presents production

03/27/2015 Workshop will explore cybersecurity careers

03/27/2015 River cane weaving workshop is April 11-12

03/27/2015 ‘Fitness Fusion’ to hit the Student Rec Center

03/27/2015 Match point: ‘Soup Can Tennis’ clinics set

03/27/2015 Media Advisory – Regional History Fair

03/26/2015 ‘Outside the Box’ music festival starts Saturday

03/26/2015 ‘Lullaby’ performance set at Kleinau Theater

03/26/2015 Students will focus on foreign languages and history

03/26/2015 Poll: Illinois voters mixed on state revenue ideas

03/26/2015 Minority Student Leadership forum is April 9

03/26/2015 Asian-American Heritage Month events set

03/26/2015 ‘DIY’ theater workshops on campus next week

03/26/2015 Media Advisory -- ‘Foreign Language Day’

03/25/2015 Astronomer to launch solar eclipse events

03/24/2015 Creativity, scholarly efforts will be on display

03/24/2015 SIU, Mexican university sign agreement

03/24/2015 Southern Illinois University Arts and Cultural Events

03/23/2015 Presentation to look at ‘consumer profiling’

03/23/2015 Poll: More revenue part of state’s budget solution

03/23/2015 Rep. Clyburn to discuss voting rights issues

03/23/2015 Debate team wins national title again camera

03/20/2015 Poll: Rauner’s job approval rating at 36.5 percent

03/20/2015 Felicia Norwood to deliver Jeanne Simon lecture

03/20/2015 Library will host ‘Bach in the Subways’ event

03/20/2015 Workshop to focus on bringing jobs to region

03/20/2015 Dinner theater coming to Touch of Nature

03/20/2015 Eleven seniors named Rickert-Ziebold finalists

03/19/2015 SIU Board approves projects, elects officers

03/19/2015 SURS general retirement session is set

03/19/2015 Sen. Durbin supports research funding increase

03/19/2015 Media Advisory -- Accounting Challenge

03/19/2015 Debate team places second in NPDA tournament

03/18/2015 Media Advisory – Region 8 Science Fair

03/18/2015 Screenwriter Amanda Seales to discuss sexism

03/18/2015 Student Center to host a variety of events

03/18/2015 Historical society to receive Delta Award

03/17/2015 Researchers tracking threatened ‘mudpuppies’ camera

03/17/2015 Media Advisory – Math Field Day

03/17/2015 Seminar will link student veterans, employers

03/17/2015 Library’s Edible Books Festival will be a treat

03/17/2015 Southern Illinois University Arts and Cultural Events

03/16/2015 IT scan of employee workstations is set

03/16/2015 ‘ 26:46’ earns another CTA nomination

03/16/2015 Business students to provide tax preparation assistance

03/16/2015 Sports trivia night to benefit two non-profit groups

03/16/2015 Big Muddy New Play Festival is March 26-29

03/12/2015 Seminar to look at food export opportunities

03/11/2015 Exhibits focus on elements of university’s history

03/11/2015 Camp designed to help children focus

03/11/2015 University to host author Wallace Nichols

03/10/2015 Graduate programs earn national recognition

03/10/2015 SIU will host regional college fair next week

03/10/2015 Workshop will offer hints to aspiring authors

03/10/2015 Southern Illinois University Arts and Cultural Events

03/10/2015 Ag college honors students, faculty, staff, alumni

03/09/2015 Student Center increases dining options

03/09/2015 Education conference deadline is March 11

03/09/2015 Student’s focus is on cattle digestion, nutrition camera

03/06/2015 Carbondale will be Eclipse Crossroads of America camera

03/06/2015 Programs to look at military/civilian relations

03/06/2015 Open forums set for COLA dean finalists

03/06/2015 Wheetley shines at Model Illinois Government

03/04/2015 Media Advisory – Region 8 Science Fair Rescheduled

03/04/2015 Head Start fall registration begins soon

03/04/2015 Annual Morris Library book sale is March 20-21

03/03/2015 Genetic research looks to save pallid sturgeon camera

03/03/2015 Media Advisory – Bioethicist Lecture Rescheduled

03/03/2015 Head Start begins ‘Book in Every Home’ campaign camera

03/03/2015 Workshop to focus on improving waterways

03/03/2015 Southern Illinois University Arts and Cultural Events

03/03/2015 Nature photographer Tom Ulrich to share work

03/02/2015 SIU Carbondale to host Region 8 Science Fair

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