Accomplishments - December, 2018

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Wendi R. Zea, Theater, this fall completed the costume design for a national tour of “Noël,” a new Christmas musical. The musical opened in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nov. 17 and is touring in various cities through Monday.

Tammy Kochel, Criminology and Criminal Justice, will go to Jerusalem, Israel later this month to present research at an international workshop on "Between Racism and Inclusion." Kochel will present "Policing and Racial Minorities in the U.S.: Learning from Ferguson." She will also give a separate talk to faculty and students at The Institute of Criminology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Qingfeng Ge, Chemistry and Biochemistry, is the recipient of the 2018 American Chemical Society Midwest Award. Ge, a Distinguished Scholar at SIU, earned his undergraduate, master’s and doctorate degrees at Tianjin University, China. He joined SIU in 2003.

"Semiotics in a Regional Designer/Maker Community" by Reid Perkins-Buzo, Radio, Television, and Digital Media, was published by Punctum. International Journal of Semiotics. The article examines the history of Philadelphia’s Hacktory, exploring the anthroposemiosis that shaped its development as a designer/maker community and the budding designer/maker community near SIU Carbondale.

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