Accomplishments - March, 2021

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David R. Burns, associate professor, radio, television, and digital media, served on the Illinois Arts Council Agency 2021 Artist Fellowship Awards Peer Review Selection Panel. The Artist Fellowship Awards is the largest publicly funded grant delivery system for artists in the state of Illinois.

Sarah Lewison, associate professor, radio, television, and digital media, and Ellen Esling, a graduate student in geography and environmental resources, collaborated with Concerned Citizens of Carbondale on a grant proposal through the Illinois Department of Human Services’ “Healing Illinois” program. They will receive $2,800 as part of a larger award to complete “The Brownfield Between Us,” a documentary about Koppers, a former wood treatment facility in Carbondale.

Kenneth Stikkers, interim chair, philosophy, recently presented a Zoom seminar “‘Growth’: Paradigm of the Crisis of Economic Science” hosted by the Institut de démographie et socioéconomie Faculté des Sciences de la Société, at the University of  Geneva, Switzerland. The presentation was on Stikkers’ work in the philosophy of economics.

Kayeleigh Sharp, instructional development specialist with the Center for Teaching Excellence and adjunct assistant professor, anthropology, presented an online seminar “Archaeology at a Distance: Engaging Learners in Remote Classrooms” as part of the Society  for American Archaeology Online Seminar Series on Feb. 23. The series offers professional development opportunities for students and archaeologists seeking to enhance their skill sets or knowledge base.

Sarah Lewison, associate professor, radio, television and digital media, is screening a new video, “Chicken Tenders,” and a collaborative project, “Inheritance,” within Collective Communities: Actions on Environmental Crises, at the Weinberg/Newton Gallery in Chicago through March 27.

Faith Miller, associate professor, dental hygiene, was a panelist on the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging – Transforming Words into Action virtual panel at the American Dental Hygienists’ Association Dental Hygiene Leadership Summit in January.

Maria Franca, associate professor, communication disorders and sciences, was recently voted president-elect of the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She will begin the three-year presidency cycle as president-elect this fall, moving into the presidency in 2022 and then serving as past president in 2023.

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