Accomplishments - September, 2022

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Cinzia Padovani, associate professor, School of Media Arts, recently published two papers in leading professional journals: “Journalists’ Roles and the Ultra-Right: The Case of Italy,” is in Journalism Studies, and “The Discursive Construction of an Ultra-Right Party in Italy’s «Corriere della Sera». Legitimizing Anti-Democratic Actors?” in Problemi dell’informazione. She also recently presented “Social media regulation, freedom of speech and the ultra-right: A case study of Italian neofascist organizations and Facebook” at the Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies International Conference at The American University of Rome in Italy.

John Reid Perkins-Buzo, associate professor, School of Media Arts, recently participated in “Reality’s Windows,” an online event that was part of the 2022 International Open Seminar on Semiotics, which is a study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation. Perkins-Buzo’s scholarly work concerns the semiotics of João Poinsot especially as explored in the works of the late John Deely.

H.D. Motyl, associate professor and interim director, School of Theater and Dance, was recently appointed to a two-year term on the University Film and Video Association board. Comprising more than 700 members, the UFVA states it is the “leading association in the United States dedicated to the promotion and study of moving image practice.”

“Planting Clues: How Plants Solve Crimes” by David Gibson, professor of plant biology and distinguished scholar in the School of Biological Sciences, was published by Oxford University Press and released in the United Kingdom in late August. It will be shipping to the United States in October and is available now as an e-book. The book explores the fascinating true crime cases involving plants, algae and fungi and provides analyses on the role botanical evidence has played in high profiles cases such as those of Ted Bundy and Ian Huntley. It also delves into plant-related crimes where botanicals are themselves trafficked or illegally traded.

Photos by Julia Rendleman, assistant professor, School of Journalism and Advertising, were used by The Washington Post for an Aug. 28 story “A school shooting shattered a town in 1997. Now the gunman could get parole.” relating to the 1997 shootings at Heath High School in West Paducah, Ky.

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