SIU in the News - May, 2022

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SIU's President touts statewide initiative for farmers and families

SIU President Dan Mahony discusses the SIU School of Medicine's involvement with the statewide Illinois Farm Family Resource Initiative and the fiscal year 2023 budget that starts July 1.

WSIU InFocus — May 23, 2022

SIU Carbondale holds survey for gun violence

Tammy Rinehart Kochel, professor, criminology and criminal justice and associate dean, Health and Human Sciences, discusses the need for a comprehensive approach in resolving gun violence.

KBSI-TV – May 25, 2022

Shaw: Calls for gun control legislation won't amount to much

John Shaw, director, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, discusses the potential of stricter gun legislation.

WSIL-TV – May 25, 2022

Simon Institute research tracks Illinois political shift

John S. Jackson, visiting professor, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, and John Foster, emeritus faculty member, political science, look at the political realignment in the state.

Southern Illinoisan — May 24, 2022

SIU sociology professor explains “replacement theory”

In the wake of a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, Darren Sherkat, professor, sociology, discusses “replacement theory.”

WSIL-TV — May 18, 2022

Should prosecutor charge police officer in Patrick Lyoya’s killing? Legal experts weigh in

Shelly Page, assistant professor and director of experiential education, SIU School of Law, weighs in on whether prosecutors in Michigan should criminally charge a police officer in connection with a fatal shooting in April.

MLive/The Grand Rapids Press — May 18, 2022

Southern Illinois University Automotive celebrates 70-year history

The automotive program’s history is highlighted. — May 18, 2022

SIU professor uses unique method to learn when oxygen first appeared on the Earth

Daniel Hummer, assistant professor, School of Earth Systems and Sustainability, discusses his research on when oxygen appeared and how the research can help us understand the planet.

WSIU InFocus — May 18, 2022

Armadillos have arrived in downstate Illinois and are heading north

The emergence of armadillos in Southern Illinois and the research by Agustin Jiménez, associate professor, School of Biological Sciences, is highlighted.

Chicago Tribune/Southern Illinoisan — May 14, 2022

SIU Carbondale dental hygiene students also receive CDHC certification

The community dental health coordinator certification that is part of SIU Carbondale's dental hygiene program is highlighted.

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene — May 14, 2022

Full moon lunar eclipse will headline at Saluki Stadium

Bob Baer, specialist, physics, previews the May 15, 2022, full lunar eclipse.

WSIU Radio — May 13, 2022

Events ‘turn the tables’ on Paul Simon Institute's John Shaw

John Shaw, director, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, recently gave presentations at the University of Kansas’ Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics and the American POTUS podcast.

Southern Illinoisan — May 11, 2022

SIUC Chancellor reflects on spring commencement, looks to fall 2022

Chancellor Austin A. Lane discusses the spring 2022 commencement and looks ahead to the fall semester.

WSIU InFocus — May 10, 2022

SIU’s state-of-the-art lab helps health care management students jumpstart their careers

The health care management program's state-of-the-art Experiential Learning Lab for Informatics Education (ELLIE) is featured.

National Cyber Security News Today — May 11, 2022

The evolution of a young JFK

John Shaw, director, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, discusses the evolution of President John F. Kennedy’s early political career.

American POTUS — May 9, 2022

Illinois' longest serving judge, Supreme Court Justice Rita Garman, retiring

John Jackson, visiting professor, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, discusses the potential impact redistricting could have on the 2024 election for the Illinois Supreme Court.

WSIL-TV — May 9, 2022

Graduating college seniors hope to find more job opportunities with recent hiring boom

Jaime Conley-Holt, director, career services, discusses the strong employment opportunities for spring 2022 graduates.

KFVS-TV — May 6, 2022

SIU graduation to return to normal; Carbondale to feel financial impact

University and Carbondale officials discuss the impact of SIU commencement ceremonies.

KFVS-TV — May 5, 2022

SIU professor discusses what the Federal Reserve interest hike means

Scott Gilbert, associate professor, School of Analytics, Finance and Economics, discusses the impact of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate increase.

KFVS-TV — May 4, 2022

For Vick, SIU is home and work

Chris Vick, program director, University Farms, is profiled.

AgriNews – May 4, 2022

Leaked abortion document polarizes Southern Illinois residents; may shake up election debates

John Shaw, director, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, discusses the potential political impact from a leaked U.S. Supreme Court draft opinion involving abortion rights.

WSIL-TV — May 3, 2022

Director of Paul Simon Public Policy Institute discusses Supreme Court leaked draft opinion

John Shaw, director, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, discusses the possible impact a leaked draft opinion in an abortion rights case before the U.S. Supreme Court will have on both the court and national politics.

KFVS-TV — May 3, 2022

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