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people in a lab wearing lab coats and masks

Jia Liu, associate professor of civil engineering, second from left, works with graduate students Sushmita Regmi, Nafeesa Khan and Sudip Baral, left to right, in her laboratory at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The group is working with a second round of funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to develop a process that uses light to remove a contaminant from water. (Photo by Russell Bailey)

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SIU Carbondale, Girl Scouts’ pact opens opportunities for girls

An agreement between Southern Illinois University Carbondale and Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois will provide mentoring and educational opportunities, summer camps and potential scholarships for junior high and high school students and encourage them to pursue STEM careers.

Open Studio, C4 exhibition is Friday

Faculty, staff and the university community are invited to the annual Open Studio event hosted by students in the School of Art and Design’s MFA program starting at 3 p.m. Friday, Oct. 29.

Saluki Pride: Tarnisha Green goes above and beyond to encourage minority engineers

Tarnisha Green directs the Success in Engineering through Excellence in Diversity Program (SEED), supporting students in SIU’s College of Engineering, Computing, Technology, and Mathematics, especially those from underrepresented populations. Holly Tugiyanto, an account technician at SIU Extended Campus, nominated Green for Saluki Pride, saying “Tarnisha goes above and beyond to encourage people from diverse backgrounds to study STEM, and she supports them along their journey to make sure that they are successful. It is quite evident in her work that she truly cares about our students and about sending them off into a bright future in STEM.”

people standing in a lab. wearing masks

SIU researchers aim to turn trash from coffee, tea into biodegradable plastic treasure

They’re a big problem, single-use plastics. They’re popular, cheap, one of the most common trash and landfill items, and they don’t recycle very well. Researchers at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, however, are working on promising technologies that could bring a molecular-level, sustainable solution to the table while still making it easy to enjoy your favorite beverages. All we have to do is keep drinking coffee and tea.

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