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A woman is seen sitting in an airplane

Able Flight student Natallia Mirashnichenka at the controls of the Vashon Ranger Light Sport airplane, with SIU Aviation’s David Nelson, is part of a program to train people with physical disabilities to become licensed pilots. Below: The first SIU Aviation-Able Flight class is, in front, student Natallia Mirashnichenka, and back row, from left, SIU Aviation’s Victoria Mathieu, Miguel Marroquin and David Nelson, students Jordan Sprague, Andrew Daigneau and Ian Azeredo, and SIU Aviation’s Zachary Martine. Not pictured is Able Flight student Jake Simmons. (Photos by Russell Bailey)

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SIU flag, American flag, and the State of Illinois flag

SIU debate/political experts: Presidential debate likely to vex voters

While the format for the nation’s first 2024 presidential debate Thursday night between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will be different, Southern Illinois University Carbondale experts in debate and politics anticipate the same rhetoric between the two candidates.

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