SIU Today - August 02, 2018

From the Chancellor

What’s with all the mission statements?

Visitors to campus — and those of us who are here every day — may notice framed versions of the mission statement popping up inside entrances to our academic and office buildings. These serve as a friendly reminder of our core values, our purpose — of what we are here to do.

Council discusses budget planning and tuition and fees

The Chancellor’s Planning and Budget Advisory Council met July 25 to discuss budget planning and tuition and fees. See the meeting summary.

Volunteers welcomed as students begin a new year

Southern Illinois University Carbondale will soon be buzzing with activity as students return and numerous special events are planned. Campus and community volunteers will help ensure a great experience for students, beginning with move-in, and additional volunteers are welcome.

Help needed for ‘Dawgs Nite Out’

Faculty and staff are invited to volunteer for numerous special activities planned for Dawgs Nite Out, a popular annual tradition to kick off the semester, set for Aug. 18.

Female cheetahs detect suitable mates from males’ urine, study by SIU researcher shows 

A former graduate student in zoology recently published a study that explains at least one factor female cheetahs use in making choices about their mates. The findings may lead to improved captive breeding programs for the big cats.

Managing water and protecting the environment: Professor provides local farmers with another tool to assist in water quality 

By 2050, an estimated 9 billion people will be dependent on the earth’s farms to feed them. But as the need increases, so do environmental challenges. That’s why researcher and professor, Jon Schoonover, is diligently working to provide local farmers with sustainable water quality practices.

Professor builds internship model that improves language fluency at remarkable rate 

Shu-Ling Wu, assistant professor of Chinese, has developed an international internship model that will help better prepare her students to succeed with foreign language use.

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