SIU Today - August 17, 2017


Welcome to the very busy start of a new academic year. It's inspiring to see the campus come to life as we welcome students, get ready for classes and look forward to the eclipse. Seeing the preparations, I'm reminded that one of the characteristics that attracted me to SIU was the warmth and dedication of its faculty and staff. I'm honored to join SIU as your chancellor and look forward to working with each of you as we move the university forward.

Carlo Montemagno, Chancellor

Eclipse day reminders for faculty/staff

Faculty and staff are encouraged to review information about eclipse-day volunteering and parking, eclipse glasses and staffing of offices. All volunteer positions are important as the university and region will be among the nation’s focal points. Employees can sign up online.

Classroom equipment training available

Faculty, staff and teaching assistants who will be teaching in the university’s open-access, technology-enhanced classrooms are encouraged to attend classroom equipment training over the next week. More

Changes made in bereavement and sick leave policies

New Illinois laws have resulted in important changes to the bereavement and sick leave policies for university employees. The new laws expand leave for bereavement, as well as the definition of family for sick leave purposes. Leave and absence policies are here. For more information, contact the Department of Human Resources at 453-6604.

‘Comic Con’ adds to weekend’s eclipse festivities

They may be famous for poor aim, but even Imperial Stormtroopers can’t miss the eclipse festivities on campus. More

Auditions set for 2017-18 season theater productions

The Department of Theater will hold open auditions for two upcoming fall productions. Open auditions means community members as well as students, faculty and staff members are eligible to audition. More

Saluki families to celebrate Superheroes

“Celebrating Superheroes” is the theme for the university’s fall 2017 Family Carnival, a morning of fun and games for all students with families. More

‘Blindfold chess king’ will hold exhibition on Monday

Imagine playing multiple games of chess while blindfolded and riding a stationary bicycle. With an amazing memory and a brain studied by neuroscientists at UCLA, chess grandmaster Timur Gareyev does not just play the games – he usually wins. More

University prepares to document total solar eclipse

As media from around the world and thousands of eclipse enthusiasts descend on the region later this month, a university documentary crew will capture every moment. More

‘HireTouch’ is available to assist student hiring

Earlier this year, the university implemented HireTouch™, a software system that streamlines and simplifies hiring processes. As of Aug. 1, all student and graduate assistant positions are created and posted in HireTouch. More

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