SIU Today - March 14, 2019

Outside the Box to bring internationally known musicians and composers to campus 

For the 13th year, the Outside The Box new music festival will live up to its name with an assortment of concerts, seminars and virtual reality experiences. Full story

Finding the ‘trouble-makers:’ SIU researcher’s work focuses on finding cells that generate pancreatic cancer tumors 

A researcher in the engineering degree program just received a grant aimed at helping him develop the means to search out and destroy so-called “cancer stem cells,” which are responsible for regenerating tumors. Farhan Chowdhury’s research will focus on the role these trouble-makers play in one of the deadliest of cancers: pancreatic cancer. Full story

‘Leading the Pack’ nominations being accepted 

Know of a coworker who stands out? Think it’s time for others to know of the great work they do both on and away from campus? Leading the Pack is a regular feature that highlights faculty and staff members who go above and beyond to fulfill SIU’s Mission. If you would like to nominate someone to be featured, fill out our nomination form.

Former U.S. Ambassador to discuss the need for more civility 

Former U.S. Ambassador Harriet Elam-Thomas, whose highly respected career as a diplomat spanned more than four decades, will present a lecture next week that makes the case for more civility in public life. Full story

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