SIU Today - March 07, 2019

From the Chancellor

Thank you for making a difference

Thank you to everyone who donated, volunteered or otherwise worked to make our Day of Giving far exceed expectations. While the SIU Foundation team is still adding the gifts that came in offline, we already know we raised almost $867,000 from more than 2,400 gifts. Full story

Leading the pack: After 12 years at Starbucks, Sara Wright probably knows your name and your favorite drink

When Sara Wright first started working at the Student Center Subway in 2005, she had no idea it was just the start of her journey on the SIU campus. Now, after many years working in a variety of catering and food service positions, she has found her home making people’s favorite drinks at Starbucks and finding little ways to connect with the hundreds of people she serves. Full Story

Remote sensing expert to give keynote lecture at SIU’s third ‘Big Data’ seminar

To engage the growing SIU Big Data community and assist local researchers in utilizing these techniques, the third seminar in a “big data” series on campus is set for Friday and will feature a geo-information expert from George Mason University. Full story

A/P performance evaluation reminder

University policy requires that all Administrative/Professional staff have their work evaluated on an annual basis between Jan. 1 and March 31. The rating period used for evaluation is January through December of the previous calendar year. The evaluation form is on the AIS e-forms website. Completed evaluations should be sent to Labor and Employee Relations prior to April 1. If you have questions, or need additional information, please contact Labor and Employee Relations at 453-6691.

“Medea” and “Danny in the Deep Blue Sea” coming to Moe Theater this Friday

Two theater graduate degree program students will debut their directing qualifiers with free performances at the Christian H. Moe Laboratory Theater. Sarah Chichester will direct “Danny in the Deep Blue Sea,” a wrenching story of love and fate, while Jennifer Caudell will direct Euripides’ ancient Greek tragedy, “Medea.” Full story


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