SIU Today - July 27, 2017

Volunteers sought for the eclipse

Staff, faculty, students and university retirees who would like to volunteer during the eclipse activities on campus can now sign up online. More

SIU researchers conducting pollinator insect inventory 

Armed with butterfly nets and pan traps, a team of university researchers visits flowers in the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge and the Shawnee National Forest. Its members are stalking bees, butterflies, moths, flies and beetles – all known as pollinators. More

Development and leadership program seeks volunteers 

The Professional Leadership and Development Program (PDLA) is seeking faculty and staff mentors. More

‘Illinois Ethics Matters’ newsletter available 

The monthly Illinois Ethics Matters newsletters for July is available. The Office of Executive Inspector General for the agencies of the Illinois governor publishes the newsletter as a way to stay abreast of current issues relating to ethical matters. The university’s Ethics Office website is at The website contains information regarding how to file a complaint and the relevant contact information, as well as many other resources. 

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