STATE CITY First Name Middle Name Last Name Department YRS
IL Anna John A Basler Facilities and Energy Management 4
IL Anna Patty Ann Kelley Information Technology 18
IL Anna John Philip Ligon School of Aviation 24
IL Ava Lonnie James Mudd University Housing 16
IL Ava Darla G Phoenix School of Human Sciences 18
IL Belleville Jessie Q Slaughenhaupt School of Education 18
IL Benton Pamela F Irvin School of Education 6
IL Carbondale Craig Kyle Anz ASA School of Architecture 19
IL Carbondale Robert Augustyniak Student Center 22
IL Carbondale Andrew K Balkansky School of Anthropology, Political Science & Sociology 19
IL Carbondale Nancy J Beasley School of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering 17
IL Carbondale William Allan Brittin Facilities and Energy Management 9
IL Carbondale Sheila M Colombo Career Services 4
IL Carbondale William Francis Danaher School of Anthropology, Political Science & Sociology 8
IL Carbondale Lisabeth A. DiLalla Family and Community Medicine-Behavioral Social Science 31
IL Carbondale Sylvia Frazier School of Education 29
IL Carbondale Brian K Gorecki Facilities and Energy Management 28
IL Carbondale Dale B. Hales Physiology 14
IL Carbondale Karen H. Hales Obstetrics and Gynecology 14
IL Carbondale John A Hamman School of Management and Marketing 33
IL Carbondale Michael B Harrell Information Technology 15
IL Carbondale Beth Andrea Heren Center for Learning Support Services 13
IL Carbondale Laurie A Holley Information Technology 35
IL Carbondale Carol L Jackson Vice Chancellor for Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 22
IL Carbondale John Janecek Institutional Effectiveness, Planning & Research 26
IL Carbondale Christi Lynn Ketzner School of Aviation 34
IL Carbondale Natalie Kizzire College of Liberal Arts 14
IL Carbondale Meera Komarraju Office of the Provost & VC for Academic Affairs 37
IL Carbondale Merry Renate Lee School of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences 7
IL Carbondale Patricia Ann Mc Ginn School of Education 19
IL Carbondale Keven R Mitchell School of Aviation 15
IL Carbondale Rebecca Jane O'Neill School of Law 31
IL Carbondale Vijay K Puri School of Civil, Environmental & Infrastructure Engineering 36
IL Carbondale Dona Joy Reese School of Human Sciences 16
IL Carbondale Michael R Reis Intercollegiate Athletics 14
IL Carbondale Debra Ann Sarvela Center for Environmental Health and Safety 26
IL Carbondale Kusum Sharma Information Technology 24
IL Carbondale Stephen C Shih School of Computing 21
IL Carbondale Nancy K Smith Vice Chancellor for Research 20
IL Carbondale Rose Volkholz Weisburd Printing and Duplicating Service 21
IL Carbondale Trotter D Welch University Housing 8
IL Carbondale Misty D Whittington Board of Trustees 26
IL Carbondale Douglas E Worthen School of Music 14
IL Carterville Kyle Lee Lake University Communications and Marketing 30
IL Carterville Jason David Phillips Student Health Services 27
IL Chatham Shari L McGowan Family and Community Medicine/Springfield 5
IL Christopher Timothy F Janello School of Automotive 17
IL Christopher Sylvia Jacqueline Vercillo School of Aviation 21
IL Cobden Heidi Jeanne Basler Student Health Services 15
IL Cobden Teri S. McSherry School of Health Sciences 18
IL Creal Springs Tammy Diann Collins Financial Aid Office 28
IL Creal Springs Alice Chase Seavers Property Control 8
IL Creal Springs Jay R Spolarich, Jr. Information Technology 27
IL De Soto Diana Lynn Lyall School of Anthropology, Political Science & Sociology 27
IL Du Quoin Paula Marie Morgan School of History and Philosophy 8
IL Du Quoin James Thomas Wright, Jr. Facilities and Energy Management 15
IL Eldorado Kathryn Yvonne Martin School of Health Sciences 19
IL Elkville Roger W Turnbough School of Aviation 20
IL Goreville Patrick Dean Poore Intercollegiate Athletics 12
IL Herrin Jean Rendleman Miner College of Arts and Media 32
IL Herrin Norma J Mitchell Office of Sponsored Projects Administration 22
IL Herrin Henry D Nicolaides School of Music 14
IL Herrin John L Sexton School of Earth Systems and Sustainability 41
IL Herrin Richard Lee Vandoren Accounting Services 15
IL Johnston City Debra A Pender School of Health Sciences 7
IL Johnston City Kerry Eugene Wall University Housing 16
IL Makanda Teresa J Braswell Department of Public Safety 23
IL Makanda James R Eagelston Broadcasting Service 28
IL Marion Geoffrey William Geittmann Department of Public Safety 22
IL Marion Lindsey A Harbert Office of Innovation and Economic Development 15
IL Marion Brenda Kay Prell SIU Foundation Carbondale 22
IL Marion Jackie Renee Welch Events and Outreach 28
IL Marion David Earl Whitsell Recreational Sports and Services 20
IL Metropolis Michael Cubley School of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering 20
IL Murphysboro Mark A Brittingham School of Law 20
IL Murphysboro Paul E Echols School of Justice and Public Safety 14
IL Murphysboro Charles W Garrett University Housing 19
IL Murphysboro Jennifer Jane Howell Vice Chancellor for Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 22
IL Murphysboro Kimberly A James School of Health Sciences 25
IL Murphysboro Robert Douglas Neef Department of Public Safety 23
IL Murphysboro Joyce Marie Schemonia School of Literature, Writing, & Digital Humanities 15
IL Murphysboro Sandra Kaye Schenk Human Resources 29
IL Murphysboro Paula Diane Shemonia Facilities and Energy Management 15
IL Murphysboro Lisa Threlkeld Information Technology 22
IL Murphysboro Sherry D Wendling University Housing 18
IL Percy Curtis Rickenberg Facilities and Energy Management 18
IL Pinckneyville Mary Elizabeth Heck University Risk Management 32
IL Pinckneyville Trudy M Ruffino University Housing 22
IL Pittsburg Christina L Bourque Facilities and Energy Management 22
IL Quincy Shawn A Holcomb Family and Community Medicine/Quincy 5
IL Red Bud Paul Louis Dunker Printing and Duplicating Service 9
IL Rockford Marjorie Ann Ahearn Undergraduate Admissions 13
IL Steeleville Orville Henry Alms, Jr. Printing and Duplicating Service 11
IL Thompsonville Linda Marie Eaton School of Education 19
IL Vergennes Harold Carl Zoller Facilities and Energy Management 11
IL West Frankfort Paul M Price Recreational Sports and Services 13
IL Zeigler Pamela Jo Battaglia Exploratory Student Advisement 15
IL Zeigler Vicky Lynn Edwards University Housing 23
FL North Port Gail A Thomas School of Law 19
FL West Palm Beach Anita Jean Barrett School of Journalism and Advertising 17
GA Newington Barbara A Roberts University Housing 14
KY Louisville Michael Duwain Brazley School of Architecture 19
MD Worton John J Warwick School of Civil, Environmental & Infrastructure Engineering 11
MO Maryland Heights Stacey Elaine Faust School of Education 28
SC Duncan Mary L Bogumil School of Literature, Writing, & Digital Humanities 24
SC Duncan Michael R Molino College of Liberal Arts 24
TN Franklin Jon O Humphrey Student Health Services 15
TN Lancaster Mary H Carroll SIU Foundation Carbondale 15