STATE CITY First Name Last Name Organization YRS
IL AVA  Sheila M Cheatham School of Automotive-SIUC 30
IL AVA  Tammy A Phoenix Student Health Services-SIUC 27
IL AVA  Jeffrey D Walker Facilities and Energy Management-SIUC 25
IL BENTON  Judith Ann Rose School of Anthropology, Political Science & Sociol 36
IL CARBONDALE  John Michael Allard Facilities and Energy Management-SIUC 23
IL CARBONDALE  Leslie Anderson Undergraduate Advisement-SIUC 24
IL CARBONDALE  Tuesday L Ashner School of Justice and Public Safety-SIUC 27
IL CARBONDALE  William A Babcock School of Journalism-SIUC 14
IL CARBONDALE  Paul A Bennett Student Health Services-SIUC 44
IL CARBONDALE  Betsy J Bishop Facilities and Energy Management-SIUC 20
IL CARBONDALE  Mary C Black Center for English as a Second Language-SIUC 12
IL CARBONDALE  Leslie Karen Bousquet SIU Foundation Carbondale-SIUC 17
IL CARBONDALE  Norman F III Carver School of Computing-SIUC 27
IL CARBONDALE  Lizette R Chevalier Office of the Provost & VC for Academic Affairs-SI 26
IL CARBONDALE  Kenneth Lee Denbo Facilities and Energy Management-SIUC 25
IL CARBONDALE  Kambiz Farhang School of Mechanical, Aerospace, & Materials Engr- 32
IL CARBONDALE  Anne Fletcher School of Theater & Dance-SIUC 20
IL CARBONDALE  Cydney A Griffith School of Health Sciences-SIUC 33
IL CARBONDALE  Matthew Wilks Keefer School of Education-SIUC 6
IL CARBONDALE  Frank Xavier Kosmicki Counseling Center-SIUC 21
IL CARBONDALE  Sanjeev Kumar School of Civil, Environmental & Infrastructure En 23
IL CARBONDALE  Elizabeth S Lentz School of Education-SIUC 24
IL CARBONDALE  Veronique C Maisier School of Languages & Linguistics-SIUC 28
IL CARBONDALE  John Mcsorley School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences-SI 17
IL CARBONDALE  Mary A Mechler Office of Economic and Regional Development-SIUC 10
IL CARBONDALE  Paula M Melton School of Music-SIUC 23
IL CARBONDALE  Faith Yvette Miller School of Health Sciences-SIUC 23
IL CARBONDALE  Brenda Sue Poston University Housing-SIUC 43
IL CARBONDALE  Debra K Quamen School of Medicine Carbondale Administration CORE- 35
IL CARBONDALE  Kathleen Chwalisz Rigney School of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences-SI 29
IL CARBONDALE  Gregory M Rose Anatomy-SMC 12
IL CARBONDALE  Rhonda Lynn Smith Library Affairs-SIUC 3
IL CARBONDALE  Herbert Aaron Stearns Campus Mail Service-SIUC 30
IL CARBONDALE  Bernadette Marie Summerville College of Liberal Arts-SIUC 30
IL CARBONDALE  Susan E Tulis Library Affairs-SIUC 21
IL CARBONDALE  Susan Marie Walch-Pimentel Internal Auditor-SIUU 33
IL CARBONDALE  Dennis Watson School of Agricultural Sciences-SIUC 20
IL CARBONDALE  Paul D Welch School of Anthropology, Political Science & Sociol 21
IL CARBONDALE  Ronald Thomas Whittington Information Technology-SIUC 22
IL CARBONDALE  Cheryl Jenise Wilson Undergraduate Advisement-SIUC 37
IL CARBONDALE  Tamora L Workman Registrar's Office-SIUC 24
IL CARTERVILLE  Lisa Marie Adams School of Justice and Public Safety-SIUC 4
IL CARTERVILLE  David William Albert University Housing-SIUC 12
IL CARTERVILLE  Susan Marie Burnam University Housing-SIUC 15
IL CARTERVILLE  Beth E Comer Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab-SIUC 14
IL CARTERVILLE  Lynn T Gill School of Human Sciences-SIUC 26
IL CARTERVILLE  Scott Paul Hendricks Accountancy-SIUC 24
IL CARTERVILLE  Dennis L Moon Travel Service-SIUC 20
IL CARTERVILLE  Thomas Michael Smith Facilities and Energy Management-SIUC 23
IL CARTERVILLE  Lynn C Stocks Intercollegiate Athletics-SIUC 22
IL CARTERVILLE  Sherri L Thomas-Rich Recreational Sports and Services-SIUC 22
IL CARTERVILLE  Mark Kent Varns School of Theater & Dance-SIUC 26
IL CHRISTOPHER  Teresa J Sherk Center for Rural Health-SMC 13
IL COBDEN  Chris P Bunyan Student Health Services-SIUC 23
IL COBDEN  Jason D Crabb Travel Service-SIUC 15
IL COBDEN  Patricia Ross McCubbin School of Law-SIUC 22
IL COBDEN  David L Stadelbacher Facilities and Energy Management-SIUC 15
IL COBDEN  Sally Jo Wright Recreational Sports and Services-SIUC 17
IL COLP  Cynthia L Harris School of Education-SIUC 15
IL CREAL SPRINGS  Patti L Cludray School of Agricultural Sciences-SIUC 23
IL CREAL SPRINGS  Barry Wade Robertson University Housing-SIUC 24
IL DE SOTO  Jessica H Piper Travel Service-SIUC 21
IL DE SOTO  Susan L Smith School of Education-SIUC 7
IL DU QUOIN  Stephen Mark Brock Information Technology-SIUC 13
IL DU QUOIN  Sharon R Brooks Office Of The Chancellor-SIUC 28
IL DU QUOIN  Clyde William Gross Facilities and Energy Management-SIUC 18
IL DU QUOIN  Wade A Mydler Facilities and Energy Management-SIUC 20
IL DU QUOIN  Ami Ann Curry Ruffing Vice Chancellor for Research-SIUC 28
IL DU QUOIN  Kristy A White School of Law-SIUC 21
IL ELKVILLE  Terry Lee Jaroski Student Health Services-SIUC 21
IL ENERGY  Betty J Rouse Procurement Services-SIUC 14
IL GOREVILLE  Jeff A Goelz Student Health Services-SIUC 25
IL HERRIN  Carol Pauline Bean Student Center-SIUC 24
IL HERRIN  Billie Jo Donas Undergraduate Advisement-SIUC 25
IL HERRIN  Robert S Hooper Travel Service-SIUC 27
IL HERRIN  Nancy J Odle Procurement Services-SIUC 21
IL HURST  Donald E Inchcliff Student Center-SIUC 20
IL JACOB  Diane B Korando School of Languages & Linguistics-SIUC 31
IL JOHNSTON CITY  Teri Stobbs Ricci Facilities and Energy Management-SIUC 36
IL MAKANDA  Maria Rosa Fernandez Bell School of Languages & Linguistics-SIUC 27
IL MAKANDA  Elizabeth M Grotts SIU Extended Campus 18
IL MAKANDA  Mary L Kappel Aerospace Studies-Air Force ROTC-SIUC 17
IL MAKANDA  Charles M Rendleman School of Agricultural Sciences-SIUC 27
IL MAKANDA  Linda Lou Wheetley Human Resources-SIUC 54
IL MARION  Lorie Lynn Elsasser University Housing-SIUC 19
IL MARION  Elizabeth Grace Grounds School of Education-SIUC 25
IL MARION  Thomas W Harbert Information Technology-SIUC 20
IL MARION  Michael Paul Trude Undergraduate Admissions-SIUC 32
IL MOUNT VERNON  Patrick William Dilley School of Education-SIUC 20
IL MURPHYSBORO  Kerri C Blaylock Intercollegiate Athletics-SIUC 31
IL MURPHYSBORO  Kevin Eugene Boucher Broadcasting Service-SIUC 26
IL MURPHYSBORO  Scott E Bridges Information Technology-SIUC 30
IL MURPHYSBORO  Cade Bursell School of Media Arts-SIUC 18
IL MURPHYSBORO  Deborah A David School of Agricultural Sciences-SIUC 14
IL MURPHYSBORO  Mark J Dolan School of Journalism-SIUC 13
IL MURPHYSBORO  William L Drone Facilities and Energy Management-SIUC 24
IL MURPHYSBORO  Patrick L Jones University Housing-SIUC 19
IL MURPHYSBORO  Gary W Kohlenberger Facilities and Energy Management-SIUC 25
IL MURPHYSBORO  Katherine Stavroula Poulos Student Health Services-SIUC 14
IL MURPHYSBORO  Robert Charles Rados School of Health Sciences-SIUC 21
IL MURPHYSBORO  Susan E Wills School of Education-SIUC 29
IL MURPHYSBORO Carla Quigley Facilities and Energy Management-SIUC 40
IL NEW BERLIN  Brenda S Witt General Counsel and Legal Affairs-SIUU 16
IL PLEASANT PLAINS  Roger Frederich Lair Facilities and Energy Management-SIUC 9
IL TAMAROA  Catherine J Yeager Human Resources-SIUC 28
IL VALMEYER  Howard Kent Heavner School of Agricultural Sciences-SIUC 3
IL VERGENNES  Kevin Earl Rendleman Facilities and Energy Management-SIUC 27
IL VERGENNES  Rodney C Robinson University Housing-SIUC 27
IL VERGENNES  Dee Rotolo Financial Aid Office-SIUC 32
IL VERGENNES  Michael Allen Shelton Information Technology-SIUC 31
IL WEST FRANKFORT  Patti J Deskines School of Agricultural Sciences-SIUC 19
IL WEST FRANKFORT  David Schultz Facilities and Energy Management-SIUC 21
AL NEWTON  Kim S Kipping School of Education-SIUC 16
FL BONITA SPRINGS  Cindy L Stein Intercollegiate Athletics-SIUC 9
FL CLERMONT  Cynthia Janel Jenkins Career Services-SIUC 34
FL LAND O LAKES  Michael L Humphries School of Literature, Writing, & Digital Humanitie 30
GA BLAIRSVILLE  Thomas Wayne Hovatter Office of Economic and Regional Development-SIUC 12
IN CORYDON  Ken Dale Pickerill School of Automotive-SIUC 8
LA NEW ORLEANS  Frances J Harackiewicz School of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engr 32
NM ALBUQUERQUE  Dru E Vratil Cinema and Photography-SIUC 21
NV HENDERSON  Mark A Rivero School of Justice and Public Safety-SIUC 16
SC COLUMBIA  Nolan Lincoln Wright School of Law Library-SIUC 11