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NewsRadio WJPF interview with Brian Croft, Stan Reno and Joey Watson

Brian Croft, director, Touch of Nature Outdoor Education Center, Carbondale Police Chief Stan Reno, and Illinois State Police officer Joey Watson discuss the weeklong Team Illinois Youth Police Camp, June 9-15, at Touch of Nature.

WJPF Morning Newswatch — April 30, 2024

NewsRadio WJPF interview with Harvey Henson

Harvey Henson, associate professor, geology, School of Earth Systems and Sustainability, discusses recent small earthquakes in the region.

WJPF Morning Newswatch — April 29, 2024

Small businesses continue to thrive for local economies

Amy Dion, program coordinator, Office of Innovation and Economic Development, discusses the importance of small businesses to the local communities.

WSIL-TV — April 29, 2024

Southern Illinois University promotes Marc Morris to dean of the College of Business and Analytics

The selection of Marc Morris to become College of Business and Analytics dean is highlighted.

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education — April 29, 2024

Registration now open for Team Illinois Youth Police Camp

Brian Croft, director, Touch of Nature Outdoor Education Center, discusses the benefits of having the Team Illinois Youth Police Camp at the facility.

WSIL-TV April 30, 2024

NewsRadio WJPF interview with Austin Lane

Chancellor Austin Lane discusses the Saluki Takeover Tour of Southern Illinois, which includes the keystone event on Saturday, May 4, at Walker’s Bluff Casino Resort in Carterville, along with the importance of the Saluki Commitment.

WJPF Morning Newswatch — April 25, 2024

Families struggle to get loved ones' remains after deaths; how to avoid them for your loved ones

Anthony Fleege, associate professor, Mortuary Science and Funeral Services and Health Care Management, provides tips to avoid issues after the death of a loved one.

ABC7 Chicago — April 26, 2024

SIU celebrates Earth Day by planting trees

The Arbor Day and Earth Month tree planting and celebration are highlighted.

WSIL-TV — April 24, 2024

Registration underway for SIU’s Camp Little Giant

Brian Croft, director, Touch of Nature Outdoor Education Center, discusses registration availability for Camp Little Giant.

Southern Illinoisan — April 26, 2024

SIU hosts American Airlines Day

Steve Goetz, chief flight instructor and associate professor, School of Aviation, discusses the American Airlines-SIU Aviation Career Day that brought 130 junior high and high school students from Chicago to SIU on April 20.

WSIL-TV — April 20, 2024

Citizens of the greatest democracy that has ever existed: SIU Law hosts nationalization ceremony

Phil Gilbert, U.S. senior district judge and SIU Board of Trustees chair, and Athina Pentsou, SIU Simmons Law School alumna, discuss the April 19 naturalization ceremony at SIU Carbondale.

Southern Illinoisan— April 19, 2024

A dedication ceremony honors a key member of the College of Engineering

The technical service center in the College of Engineering, Computing, Technology and Mathematics was named to honor the late Roger J. Missavage.

WSIU Radio — April 19, 2024

SIU holds naturalization ceremony

The April 19 naturalization ceremony at the SIU Simmons Law School is featured.

WSIL-TV — April 19, 2024

The Saluki Takeover tour hits Southern Illinois

The Saluki Takeover Tour of Southern Illinois from Wednesday, April 24, through May 4, is highlighted.

WSIU Radio — April 21, 2024

Small business owners in Southern Illinois eligible to apply for state-funded small business loan

Melissa Ray Roach, director, Illinois Small Business Development Center, discusses the Advantage Illinois – State Small Business Credit Initiative.

WSIL-TV — April 18, 2024

Cereal rye helping farmer reduce nitrogen input

Karla Gage, associate professor, School of Agricultural Sciences, presented at the Illinois Farm Bureau Nutrient Stewardship Grant Field Day on April 4 in Washington County.

FarmWeekNow — April 19, 2024

SIU to hold Arbor Day tree planting event, volunteers welcome

The Arbor Day tree planting on April 24 is highlighted.

WSIL-TV — April 16, 2024

Capitol View — April 10, 2024

John Jackson, visiting professor, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, discusses the loss of manufacturing jobs in Illinois over the last 30 years and health care reform in the state. Jackson’s discussions begin at 7:35 and 17:00.

WSIU-TV — April 11, 2024

SIU to hold 49th Great Cardboard Boat Regatta this month

Mary Kinsel, director of the Mass Spectrometry Facility, associate scientist for the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and regatta organizer, discusses Saturday’s annual event.

KFVS-TV — April 15, 2024

Eight honored with SIU System Distinguished Student Service Award

The SIU Board of Trustees honored eight students at the April 11 board meeting.

WSIL-TV — April 16, 2024

SIU School of Aviation names new director

The hiring of Chien-tsung Lu as the new director for the SIU School of Aviation is highlighted.

KFVS-TV — April 16, 2024

Undergraduate tuition freeze coverage

Numerous media outlets on April 11 reported on the SIU Board of Trustees decision to freeze undergraduate tuition at SIU Carbondale and SIU Edwardsville for the 2024-2025 academic year. Here is a sampling.

Fox-TV, St. Louis

KTVI-TV, St. Louis/Yahoo News

WSIU Radio


WAND-TV, Decatur


The Paducah Sun

WTAX-1240 AM/WLFZ-FM, Springfield

West Kentucky Star

The Center Square

WMAY-AM, Springfield

Cities 92.9FM/Bloomington

Collinsville Daily News

Eclipse-related stories

Bob Baer on calculating eclipse attendance figures — Evansville Courier & Press (subscription required) — April 11, 2024

NASA EDGE producers discuss the 2024 total solar eclipse — WSIU Radio — April 10, 2024

Interview with Bob Baer and Mike Kentrianakis — Newsradio WJPF — April 5, 2024

SIU System receives national award for advancing ADEI

The SIU System's anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion initiative is highlighted.

WSIL-TV — April 12, 2024

SIU professor receives honorable mention for a lifetime achievement award

Pamela Smoot, assistant professor, history, discusses receiving honorable mention recognition for the SIU System’s Dr. Wesley G. Robinson-McNeese ADEI Lifetime Achievement Award.

WSIL-TV — April 13, 2024

SIU students speak on short form content

The April 11 School of Communication Studies' Student Speakers Forum on short form content is featured.

WSIL-TV — April 11, 2024

Able Flight strengthens collegiate aviation presence through SIU Carbondale partnership

The partnership between SIU Carbondale’s School of Aviation and Able Flight to provide specialized flight training for people with physical disabilities to become licensed pilots is highlighted.

AV Web — April 5, 2024

SIU Morris Library holds media sale

Jeff Williams, station manager, WSIU Radio, discusses the annual media sale.

WSIL-TV — April 12, 2024

Local artist raffles off eclipse sculpture at SIU

Jack Nawrot, senior scientist emeritus, and Doris Wilson, administrative aide, financial aid, who won Nawrot's replica “Art in the Dark” eclipse sculpture on April 8, are featured.

WSIL-TV — April 8, 2024

Eclipse highlights 

The total solar eclipse attracted attention from journalists across the state and the country as well as local outlets. Here is a sampling. 

Eclipse Day 

GMA Ginger Zee eclipse forecast, Part II — Good Morning America — April 8, 2024 

GMA Ginger Zee eclipse forecast with Carbondale Community High School students — Good Morning America — April 8, 2024

Total solar eclipse live — NBC Chicago — April 8, 2024 

Crowd goes wild in Carbondale for total solar eclipse — CBS News-Chicago — April 9, 2024 

Photo gallery: Thousands take in solar eclipse in Carbondale — KMIZ-TV, Columbia, Missouri — April 9, 2024  

Thousands take in total solar eclipse at Saluki Stadium — WSIU Radio — April 8, 2024 

SIU Carbondale alumnus and WGN meteorologist Mike Janssen talks with eclipse watchers, including Chancellor Austin Lane — WGN-TV Chicago — April 8, 2024 

Bob Baer, specialist, School of Physics and Applied Physics, reaction to live solar eclipse. — C-SPAN/NASA — April 8, 2024 

Cori Brevik, assistant professor, physics, discusses interest in the sun’s lower atmosphere — KMIZ-TV, Columbia, Missouri — April 8, 2024 

Eclipse transforming America, city by city — Washington Post — April 8, 2024 

Associated Press eclipse photograph at Saluki Stadium — Northern Virginia Daily — April 8, 2024 

Saluki Stadium spectators photograph — Smithsonian Magazine — April 8, 2024 

Totality is a “really surreal feeling” — KSDK-TV — April 8, 2024 

Solar eclipse photo story — Capitol News Illinois — April 8, 2024 

Cori Brevik, assistant professor, physics, discusses the Dynamic Eclipse Broadcast initiative — WSIL-TV — April 8, 2024

Eclipse coverage from SIU Carbondale — St. Louis Public Radio — April 8, 2024 

Solar eclipse 2024 draws crowds in Carbondale, Chicago and Indiana — ABC7 Chicago — April 9, 2024

Sounds of the eclipse experience — 21st Show, Illinois Public Media — April 9, 2024

SIU students capture photo of the eclipse in an experiment — WSIU Radio — April 8, 2024

Eclipse news conference with President Daniel Mahony, Chancellor Austin Lane and others — KFVS-TV — April 8, 2024

Total solar eclipse 2024 in Carbondale, Illinois — KFVS-TV — April 8, 2024 

NPR’s Brian Munoz on solar eclipse, New Orleans Public Radio — WWNO Radio — April 8, 2024 

WPSD-TV eclipse coverage — WPSD-TV — April 8, 2024

Path of totality to cross Southern Illinois — CBS News-Chicago — April 8, 2024 

SIU pulls out the stops for eclipse — WAND-TV, Decatur, Illinois — April 8, 2024 

Solar eclipse plunges Illinois and Missouri into darkness — St. Louis Public Radio — April 8, 2024

Thousands flock to Carbondale for eclipse — WICS-TV, Springfield — April 8, 2024

At the eclipse crossroads of America — The Daily Yonder — April 10, 2024

13,000 experience 4 minutes of totality at Saluki Stadium — Times-Leader, Princeton, Ky — April 10, 2024

Rebecca Kagaris, School of Forestry and Horticulture, on visitor survey — WSIU Radio — April 9, 2024 

Before the eclipse 

Cori Brevik, assistant professor, School of Physics and Applied Sciences, on solar eclipse scientific explorations — 21st Show, Illinois Public Media — April 8, 2024 

Kevin Sylwester, professor, economics, discusses eclipse economic impact — Chicago Tribune/AOL — April 8, 2024 

WGN’s Tom Skilling discusses total solar eclipse — WGN-TV — April 7, 2024

Torah-infused eclipse viewing — — April 8, 2024

SIU hosts Crossroads Eclipse Festival — WFLD-TV-Chicago/Yahoo News — April 6, 2024 

SIU, NASA partnership provides teaching tool — KSDK — April 7, 2024 

SIU gets second solar eclipse in a decade — — April 5, 2024 

Eclipse watchers pour into Carbondale as Southern Illinois welcomes 200,000 — MSN/CBS2 Chicago — April 7, 2024 

Sarah Vanvooren, co-chair, Eclipse Steering Committee, and director, Events and Outreach, on eclipse preparations — St. Louis Public Radio and elsewhere — April 7, 2024

Brent Pease on research and Sounds of Nature soundscaping project — KSDK-TV — April 7, 2024

Far Horizon eclipse project — KFVS-TV/WLOX-TV (Biloxi, Mississippi) — April 8, 2024

Gearing up for total solar eclipse — WSIL-TV — April 8, 2024

Eclipse anticipation — WSIL-TV — April 8, 2024

Marching Salukis and dancers demonstrate eclipse — WREX-TV in Rockford, Illinois — April 8, 2024

Iowa State students balloon launch — We Are Iowa — April 8, 2024

Chalk eclipse event at SIU — WSIL-TV — April 7, 2024 

Total eclipse almost spiritual — Journal-Courier — April 6, 2024 

Chicago-area solar eclipse hunters returning to SIU — Chicago Sun-Times — April 4, 2024 

Total solar eclipse forecast — Associated Press / CT Post — April 4, 2024

Annie Hammock, Daily Egyptian, managing editor, on how the newspaper plans to cover the eclipse — Editor & Publisher — April 4, 2024

Eclipse spotlight

SIU Carbondale’s experts are featured as the April 8 total solar eclipse nears.

Brent Pease on the eclipse’s impact on plants and animals — ABC News — April 3, 2024

Where to see the total solar eclipse – FOX Weather/Yahoo News – April 1, 2024

Brent Pease on wildlife reaction — Audubon/Wildlife Society — April 3, 2024

Eclipse preview 2024 — WSIU-TV InFocus — April 3, 2024

Eclipse Crossroads — Fox2 News St. Louis — April 3, 2024

Brent Pease on eclipse soundscapes project – WSIU Radio – April 2, 2024

Chicago’s view of the solar eclipse — Chicago Tribune — April 3, 2024

SIU hosts second eclipse watch party in seven years  — ABC7 Chicago — April 3, 2024

‘Eclipse Crossroads’ for second time in seven years — WGN-TV/MSN — April 3, 2024

NASA EDGE preparing for Monday’s eclipse show — WSIU Radio — April 3, 2024

Chicago solar eclipse 2024 — Fox32 Chicago — April 3, 2024

Brent Pease on Soundscapes Project — WPSD-TV — April 3, 2024

NBC Chicago coverage plans — NBC5 Chicago — April 3, 2024

Carbondale plans for eclipse — KSDK-TV — April 3, 2024

SIU student Paige Chamberlain on seeing second eclipse — Yahoo News/Rockford Register-Star — April 4, 2024

Bob Baer on eclipse-related research projects – WSIL-TV – April 1, 2024

SIU Carbondale mentioned in roundup of activities – Inside Higher Ed – April 2, 2024

SIU Saluki Con coincides with eclipse

Nathan Bonner, Saluki Con co-chair and SIU graphic designer, discusses this weekend’s Saluki Con.

KFVS-TV — April 3, 2024

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