SIU in the News - July, 2021

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Newsradio WJPF interview with Austin Lane

Chancellor Austin Lane discusses the university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the university's work expanding an inclusive and diverse environment and the fall 2021 semester.

WJPF – July 30, 2021

SIU offers vaccine incentives for students amid the return to classes

Jennifer Jones-Hall, dean of students, discusses the various incentives with the Protect the Pack vaccination initiative.

KFVS-TV – July 29, 2021

SIU invited students, employees to answer whether they're vaccinated. Here's what they found.

Chancellor Austin Lane says the university will continue to encourage vaccinations as the university has done since spring.

Southern Illinoisan – July 29, 2021

“I’m vaccinated and I don’t like masks” SIU Chancellor Lane on SIU mask requirement

Chancellor Austin Lane discusses the university’s decision requiring masks be work in public areas on campus and following guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Illinois Department of Public Health.

WSIL-TV – July 28, 2021

SIU’s president discusses COVID decisions, enrollment for fall 2021

SIU President Daniel Mahony discusses decisions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and enrollment plans for the fall semester.

WSIU InFocus – July 27, 2021

SIU’s Protect the Pack vaccine incentive gets traction

Jennifer Jones-Hall, dean of students, discusses the Protect the Pack incentives for students who upload their vaccination information.

WSIL-TV – July 27, 2021

Saluki Open House brings fans one step closer to the season

Fans returned to the Banterra Center on July 27 as part of an open house for the Saluki basketball program.

Southern Illinoisan – July 27, 2021

SIU basketball holds open house for fans

Men’s and women’s basketball coaches Bryan Mullins and Cindy Stein discuss excitement for the upcoming season and the importance of fans returning to the Banterra Center.

WSIL-TV – July 27, 2021

Sale of WSIL-TV nears completion

Joey Helleny, College of Arts and Media, discusses the pending sale of WSIL-TV to Allen Media Group.

Southern Illinoisan – July 26, 2021

SIU hosts first open house in nearly 2 years

Chancellor Austin Lane discusses the July 23 in-person open house on campus.

KFVS-TV – July 23, 2021

Saluki sendoff for DeAnna Price headed to Tokyo

University officials, including Liz Jarnigan, SIU athletics director, and the Southern Illinois community gathered July 23 to help send Saluki alumna and Olympian DeAnna Price of Carbondale off to the Tokyo Olympics to compete in the hammer throw.

WSIL-TV – July 23, 2021

SIU gets $50,000 to boost regional connectivity

A state grant of $50,000 is coming to Southern Illinois University Carbondale to help expand digital access for the region.

Southern Illinoisan – July 23, 2021

Moon exploration: SIU engineering students win NASA's competition to design mining robots

SIU engineering students received first place in NASA’s LUNABOTS competition, an annual robotics mining contest that features dozens of teams from across the country.

Science Times – July 23, 2021

All-women aviation teams bring male-dominated field to new heights

SIU’s aviation program is breaking barriers with the help from a group of women representing female pilots.

WICS/WRSP-TV – July 22, 2021

New SIUC enrollment manager discusses fall 2021, strategies for the future

Wendell Williams, associate chancellor for enrollment management, discusses the fall 2021 semester and enrollment strategies.

WSIU InFocus – July 22, 2021

SIUC tests electricity to control weeds

Karla Gage, School of Agricultural Sciences, discusses research using electricity to kill weeds.

WSIL-TV – July 21, 2021

Seeing hazy skies? Wildfire smoke is traveling from coast to coast

Justin Schoof, School of Earth Systems and Sustainability, discusses the impact that wildfires have on skies across the United States.

WSIL-TV – July 21, 2021

Delta variant concerns makes the stock market swing

Kevin Sylwester, School of Analytics, Finance and Economics, discusses the effect the delta variant and COVID-19 have on the stock market.

WSIL-TV – July 20, 2021

SIU researcher studied hens’ diets — and found flaxseed promising against ovarian cancer

Dale “Buck” Hales, physiology, discusses his research that flaxseed oil may reduce the re-emergence of ovarian cancer and even be able to prevent the onset of disease.

The Southern Illinoisan – July 16, 2021

SIU researchers study nurse burnout

SIU researchers have been examining the causes of nurse burnout and how to help.

WSIU Radio – July 15, 2021

SIUC receiving $50,000 to strengthen broadband

SIU is receiving $50,000 in Office of Broadband Regional Engagement for Adoption + Digital Equity (READY) program grant funding from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to improve high-speed internet access.

WSIL-TV – July 14, 2021

$21.9 million awarded to Head Start programs across Illinois

The SIU Head Start program is receiving a grant for $403,221 to support fully operational, in-person Head Start services, helping children most impacted by the pandemic.

WSIL-TV – July 14, 2021

Chancellor says fall 2021 looks good, campus is ready for return of students

WSIU InFocus – July 13, 2021

SIU Plein Air Painting course goes beyond the studio

Najjar Abdul-Musawwir, art and design professor, introduces students in his 400-level summer landscape painting class to the concept of creating their art completely outdoors while immersed and aware of their surroundings.

Southern Illinoisan – July 13, 2021

SIU students showcased in PBS Short Film Festival

For the fourth consecutive year, films by SIU students are featured in the PBS Short Film Festival, now in its 10th year.

WSIL – July 13, 2021

SIU paper details cannabis economics, long-term health effects in Illinois

“The Effects of Legalization of Recreational Cannabis in Illinois,” a paper written by Stephanie Chambers-Baltz, a doctoral candidate with the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute and published in The Simon Review, details the negative consequences of continuous use of cannabis.

Fox 2 News – July 13, 2021

The Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council funds research for soil management and water quality

The Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council has funded more than $1 million in research projects at SIU during the last year, and the results of some of the soil and water quality research were illustrated during the recent SIU Ag Field Day.

WSIU Radio – July 13, 2021

Study: Chicago splitting from Illinois would be economic disaster

SIU researchers concluded that separating the Chicago metropolitan area from downstate Illinois would be an economic disaster for downstate as the northern segment accounts for 75% of the state’s population and economic output.

WICS/WRSP – July 13, 2021

SIU counting down to next solar eclipse

As of July 13, 2021, SIU will mark 1,000 days until the next total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, and Bob Bauer, specialist in the physics department, said planning for this event is more extensive than for the 2017 total eclipse.

KFVS-TV – July 12, 2021

SIU Sustainable Farm will open a farm store in the Student Center this fall

University Farms Program Director Chris Vick discusses plans for the Sustainable Farm to open a store in the Student Center this fall so students can purchase fresh produce on campus.

WSIU – July 12, 2021

Southern Illinois University ROTC program receives new commander

During a special ceremony to transfer command of the ROTC program at SIU, Lt. Col. Anthony Anderson officially handed over the flag to incoming Lt. Col. Jessica Dwyer.

WSIL-TV – July 12, 2021

SIU researcher studying bobcat, coyote habitat in Illinois

Nicole Gorman, a graduate zoology student and a research assistant at SIU’s Wildlife Research Laboratory, is featured for her research on bobcats and coyotes.

U.S. News & World Report, via the Associated Press – July 11, 2021

SIU grad student studies movement patterns of bobcats and coyotes

Nicole Gorman is studying bobcats and coyotes, how far they move around the region and how they interact with their environment and other species around them to understand the habitats they seek and how it affects them.

WSIL-TV – July 9, 2021

Newsradio WJPF interview with Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner, professor and director, Center for Archaeological Investigations, discusses field school excavations at the Fort Kaskaskia State Historic Site in Randolph County.

WJPF Morning Newswatch – July 8, 2021

SIU professors conduct study on nursing burnout in the workplace

Kelli D. Whittington, nursing program director, and Sandra Collins, health care management program director, discuss their research into nursing burnout.

KFVS-TV – July 8, 2021

SIU researchers: Downstate split from Chicago would spell “economic disaster”

John Jackson, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, discusses an institute study that shows Chicago’s economic impact on the region.

Southern Illinoisan – July 8, 2021

SIU’s president readies for fall 2021

SIU President Dan Mahony discusses preparations for the fall 2021 semester, including COVID-19 protocols and strategic plans by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

WSIU InFocus – July 6, 2021

Live performances return as Southern Illinois Music Festival kicks off

Ed Benyas, School of Music, discusses the 17th annual Southern Illinois Music Festival.

WSIL-TV – July 6, 2021

Newsradio WJPF interview with Liz Jarnigan

SIU Athletic Director Liz Jarnigan discusses the state law regarding endorsement deals for student-athletes, women’s basketball coach Cindy Stein’s retirement at the end of the 2021-2022 season and the return of fans to Saluki sporting events this fall.

WJPF Morning Newswatch – July 6, 2021

SIU researchers studied ‘nurse burnout’ — here’s what they found

Kelli Whittington, Sandra Collins, Richard McKinnies and Thomas Shaw, School of Health and Human Sciences, set out to study nursing burnout more than a year ago and what they discovered not only showed nurse burnout to be significant even before COVID-19, but even more relevant since the beginning of the pandemic.

Southern Illinoisan – July 2, 2021

SIU professor: Richardson suspension shines light on elite athletics’ pressures

Phil Anton, exercise science program coordinator, discusses USA sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson's suspension over a positive marijuana test that highlights the complex nature of elite sports competitions.

WSIU Radio – July 2, 2021

Newsradio WJPF interview with Tom Imboden

Tom Imboden, School of Analytics, Finance and Economics, discusses new Federal Communications Commission guidelines aimed at drastically reducing spam and robo phone calls.

WJPF Morning Newswatch – July 1, 2021

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