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SMASH STEM Program launched in Illinois

The Chicago Crusader – Jan. 31, 2019

SMASH, the signature STEM education program of the Kapor Center, announces SMASH Illinois, its first statewide initiative program partnership with Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech), Southern Illinois University (SIUC) Carbondale, and the Creating Pathways and Access for Student Success (CPASS) Foundation.

SIUC Campus Community Meets New Interim Chancellor

WSIU Radio -- Jan. 30, 2019

Chancellor John Dunn shared his vision for the university with faculty and students Jan. 30 during a Wednesday Campus Conversation in the Student Center.

New chancellor shares vision for SIUC in public meeting

Southern Illinoisan – Jan. 30, 2019

The chance to build a better future for SIU Carbondale brought John Dunn out of retirement.

SIUC to mentor Illinois' top minority students in tech

Southern Illinoisan – Jan. 29, 2019

Meera Komarraju, SIU Carbondale Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and Linda Baker, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, discuss the “Smash Illinois” program that SIU Carbondale begins this summer for underrepresented high school students in the region.

SIU Law's Beatty Journalist Tackles Judicial Independence

WSIU Radio – Jan. 29, 2019

Justice Oagile Bethuel Key Dingake and SIU School of Law Professor Christopher W. Behan discussed the Jan. 29 Beatty Jurist-in-Residence lecture.

A new program at SIU aims to bring more opportunities to students in our region

Meera Komarraju, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs discusses the “Smash Illinois” program that SIU Carbondale will be participating in starting this summer.

WSIL-TV – Jan. 28, 2019

The volatile stock market: 'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times'

Southern Illinoisan Business Journal – Jan. 27, 2019

... sent the market into decline for all of 2018,” said Tim Marlo, clinical assistant professor in the Department of Finance at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Marlo, who specializes in investments ...

SIU DPS wants your opinion

KFVS-TV – Jan. 25, 2019

The Southern Illinois University Carbondale Department of Public Safety (DPS) is seeking the input of the community.

Program promoting STEM careers among students of color is expanding to Illinois

Chicago Sun-Times – Jan. 24, 2019

… live either at the Illinois Institute of Technology or Southern Illinois University’s Carbondale campus. Students will gain access to computer science courses …

Illinois unveils free STEM program for students from underrepresented communities

KFVS-TV – Jan. 24, 2019

SMASH Illinois will launch this summer at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech).

Short film rejected from high school film fest for LGBT theme to screen at Big Muddy 

Southern Illinoisan – Jan. 24, 2019

 Big Muddy Film Festival of Southern Illinois University is a student-run international film…

SIU students give back for MLK Day

WSIL-TV – Jan. 21, 2019

On Monday, nearly two dozen Southern Illinois University students took part in the first Martin Luther King Junior Day of Service held by the Eurma C. Hayes Center. 

Retired Carbondale cop who helped get posthumous exoneration for wrongly convicted black man honored at MLK breakfast

Southern Illinoisan – Jan. 21, 2019

 … was approached by SIU law students who were part of the Illinois Innocence Project. The officers, students and Illinois Innocence Project petitioned for clemency for …

'This is all political': Decatur-area gun sellers say new law will hurt business but not make people safer

Decatur Herald & Review – Jan. 18, 2019

“I find it pointless,” said Mocsary, an associate professor of law and director of faculty development at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. “It doesn’t seem to be much of a deterrence value.”

SIUC Astronomer Bob Baer on the Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

On this edition of WSIU InFocus, we visit with Astronomer Bob Baer of the SIU Carbondale Physics Department and learn about what exactly we will see, and the reasons for it.

WSIU Radio – Jan. 18, 2019

SIU-C Researcher Studies the "Ferguson Effect" on Police Officers

WSIU Radio – Jan. 16, 2019

A researcher at SIU-Carbondale is studying the impact of public scrutiny on police officers. Tammy Kochel  conducted surveys with the St. Louis County Police Department …

Interim SIUC Chancellor John Dunn: Ready for Challenge

WSIU Radio – Jan. 15, 2019

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Interim SIUC Chancellor John Dunn.

New Microorganism discovered by SIU student, professor

WSIL-TV – Jan. 15, 2019 

An undergraduate student at Southern Illinois University, and her professor made a new discovery that may make history.

Man exonerated posthumously for 1981 stabbing in Mount Vernon

Southern Illinoisan – Jan. 15, 2019

… wrote a chapter about Grover Thompson. Valerie Laforte, a student at SIU School of Law involved in the SI Innocence Project, read that Echols was having a book signing …

Man who died in Southern Illinois prison receives clemency 23 years after his death

KFVS-TV – Jan. 15, 2019

In 2011, SIU law students and the Downstate Illinois Innocence Project began investigating Grover Thompson’s case. In 2012, the group, along with police from Carbondale and Cape Girardeau …

Interview with Paul Echols on Illinois Innocence Project case with SIU School of Law students

WJPF Radio – Jan. 15, 2019

Paul Echols, Criminology and Criminal Justice, discusses his work that also involved SIU School of Law students and the Illinois Innocence Project work to exonerate a man sentenced to prison for attempted murder.

What is it like to walk the River to River trail

WSIU Radio – Jan. 14, 2019

In December 2018, Chris Benda, a botanist who teaches a plant identification course at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, hiked the entire length …  

SIUC researchers monitor Hurricane Harvey recovery

Southern Illinoisan – Jan. 13, 2019

… documenting the recovery. As an anthropologist at SIU Carbondale, Barrios is interested in crisis. Studying the way we respond to a natural disaster, he believes, can tell us …

SIUC Aviation getting new planes for students

KFVS-TV – Jan. 10, 2019

Students at SIUC’s Aviation Program will soon take to the skies in brand new Cessna 172s. Flight instructors with the program ...

Walking Southern Illinois From East To West With Chris Benda, Part Two.

WSIU InFocus – Jan. 10, 2019

… we visit with Chris Benda, a botanist who teaches a plant identification course at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. In December of 2018 Chris hiked the entire length …

SIU Law School Preps for "Women In Leadership" Workshop, Dinner

WSIU InFocus – Jan. 9, 2019

Cindy Buys and Angela Upchurch, SIU School of Law, discuss the upcoming “Women In Leadership” workshop and dinner.

Vindicated: 50 Years later, an SIUC physicist’s theory is confirmed

Southern Illinoisan – Jan. 9, 2019

In 1968, an SIU Carbondale physicist named Walter Henneberger published a paper suggesting that an electron could be freed from an atom and bound to it at the same time, with the help of super-intense lasers.

Did you know? SIUC outspends local competitors on financial aid

Southern Illinoisan – Jan. 8, 2019

Since she was hired last May to help turn around declining enrollment at SIU Carbondale, Jennifer DeHaemers has heard the same complaint over and over again, in Southern Illinois.

Where 518 Inmates Sleep in Space for 170, and Gangs Hold It Together

New York Times – Jan. 7, 2019

… bribery and structural incentives for judges and lawyers to move slowly, despite a constitutional right to a speedy trial, said Raymund Narag, an assistant professor at Southern Illinois University who studies Philippine jails.

International Cooperation in Foreign-Bribery Enforcement Continued in 2018

Wall Street Journal – Jan. 4, 2019

… FCPA penalties, according to figures compiled by Mike Koehler, an assistant professor at Southern Illinois University School of Law who is the editor of the FCPA Professor website.

Unraveling the Chicken-and-Egg Puzzle Behind the ‘God Gap’ in Voting

Christianity Today – Jan. 3, 2019

Tobin Grant, professor, SIU Carbondale Department of Political Science, reviewed the book “From Politics to the Pews: How Partisanship and the Political Environment Shape Religious Identity (Chicago Studies in American Politics)” by Michele Margolis.

Twins from China Making a Difference on Saluki Swimming and Diving Team

WSIU Radio – Jan. 3, 2019

Chinese twins are helping lead the SIU Saluki swimming and diving team. 

SIU Rec Center community membership hits all-time high

Southern Illinoisan – Jan. 3, 2019

As declining enrollment leaves a little more room on the tracks, StairMasters and swimming lanes at the Southern Illinois University Student Recreation Center, residents are turning out in record numbers to fill the facility up.

State funds to provide scholarships to freshman, transfer students at SIU

KFVS-TV – Jan. 2, 2019

… allotted up to $1.9 million in state funding to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale to provide scholarships for freshman and transfer students.

SIU Professor Weighs In On The National Climate Assessment Report

WSIU Radio – Jan. 2, 2019

Justin Schoof, chair of Geography and Environmental Resources at SIU Carbondale, discusses findings in the November 2018 release of the second part of the 4th National Climate Assessment report.

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