Adiemeli Sr., Eustace E. BS  Health Care Management
Baba, Mohamad Ali B. PHD  Education - Curriculum and Instruction
Brown I, Dalton H. BFA  Art
Bruno, Shawnee R. BS  Special Education
Connell, Alyssa S. MS  Aviation Management
Davis, Tracie J. BS  University Studies
Demos, Kristin A. MM  Music
Edson-Bowers, Sandra A. MS  Professional Media and Media Management Studies
Felsl, Ingrid J. MS  Plant Biology
Felton, Michael A. BS  Aviation Technologies
Forbes, Kat M. BA  Psychology
Franks, Kyah J. BA  Psychology
Freedkin, Zoe D. MA  Communication Studies
Grant, Stephen C. BS  History
Haberberger, Jake L. BS  Marketing
Hardison, Vivian M. EDD  Educational Administration
Hummels, Dina M. BA  Art
Knight, Katherine R. BS  Geology
Lee, Nancy BS  University Studies
Marshall, Kris A. EDD  Educational Administration
McKinley-Portee, Caleb R. PHD  Communication Studies
Morgan, Brenton M. BS  Information Technology
Morton, Forrest BS  Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management
Nation, Ryan C. MA  Psychology
Nelson, Claudia M. BS  University Studies
Pape, Alex A. MARCH  Architecture
Patterson, Naishon L. MSED  Curriculum and Instruction
Paulson, Rokken P. BS  Mechanical Engineering
Pellegrino, Cameron T. BS  Geology
Sayeh, Maziar MS  Electrical and Computer Engineering
Scates, Mary L. BS  Horticulture
Spiegel, Monica R. MS  Counseling and Rehabilitation Education
Stanwood, Beatriz R. BS  Communication Disorders and Sciences
Swafford, Shelby M. PHD  Communication Studies
Taylor, Atlantis BS  University Studies
Taylor, Cody M. BA  Economics
Tudor, Ian M. BS  Computer Science
Valencia-Neihart, Christian D. BS  University Studies
Wall, Andrew D. MA  Psychology
Willett, Calli D. BA  Psychology
Zaheri, Abby N. BS  Mathematics
Zimanek, Jacob A. BS  Zoology