Carbondale Alahmari, Faisal S. BS  Computer Engineering
Carbondale Albright, Ashlie N. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Alotaibi, Alaa M. BS  Computer Engineering
Carbondale Ballinger, Madeline R. BA  Anthropology
Carbondale Benedict II, Cleveland K. BA  Linguistics
Carbondale Blue, Juniper BS  Communication Studies
Carbondale Blue, Juniper BA  Anthropology
Carbondale Cheak, Michael BS  Mechanical Engineering
Carbondale Cole, Julia H. BS  University Studies
Carbondale Diop, Awa C. BS  Industrial Management and Applied Engineering
Carbondale Eldarassi, Abdella E. MBA  Business Administration
Carbondale Followell, Ashley L. MSED  Workforce Education and Development
Carbondale Frisch, Paula M. BS  Workforce Education and Development
Carbondale Gerasimov, Abdullah MARCH  Architecture
Carbondale Glanz, Cree S. BA  Anthropology
Carbondale Grant, Edith D. BS  Workforce Education and Development
Carbondale Green, Atlantress D. MS  Rehabilitation Counseling
Carbondale Greer, Kierra BA  Psychology
Carbondale Helton, Jillian G. BS  Elementary Education
Carbondale Heuschmidt, Madelyn J. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Hummels, Dina M. BA  Art
Carbondale Juranek, Catherine A. MS  Geology
Carbondale Khazil, Razan J. BS  Business and Administration
Carbondale Khazil, Shams J. BS  Accounting
Carbondale Kiemschies, Susan M. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Krueger, Daniel JD  Law
Carbondale Lagadapati, Naveen MS  Computer Science
Carbondale Li, Xinlin PHD  Chemistry
Carbondale Lorentz, Danielle N. MA  Communication Studies
Carbondale Lovett, Eric BS  University Studies
Carbondale Masood, Zaheer PHD  Chemistry
Carbondale Matau, Vai A. MS  Public Safety and Homeland Security Administration
Carbondale McIntyre, Kallista A. MSED  Curriculum and Instruction
Carbondale Mckay, Trent K. MBA  Business Administration
Carbondale Miyler, Savannah R. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Morris, Benjamin D. BS  Aviation Technologies
Carbondale Mueller, Madison A. MACC  Accountancy
Carbondale Munoz Morales Jr., Rafael E. MBA  Business Administration
Carbondale Neabuhr, Sydni R. BS  Management
Carbondale Nichols, Avy C. BS  Exercise Science
Carbondale Olalde, Caitlin N. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Payne, Joshua S. BS  Finance
Carbondale Ragnanese III, Joseph A. MBA  Business Administration
Carbondale Riggio, Dominique A. BS  Architectural Studies
Carbondale Rowe, Chakeista B. BS  Social Work
Carbondale Smith, Jeffery M. BA  Anthropology
Carbondale Smith-Whitehead, Taylor N. BA  Psychology
Carbondale Stringfellow, Aaryana J. BS  Biological Sciences
Carbondale Williams, Bryce R. MSED  Recreation Professions
Carbondale Woolf, Luanne J. MA  Criminology and Criminal Justice
Carbondale Zemen, Thomas T. BA  Computer Science