June 06, 2024

New ID cards coming to campus

by Christi Mathis

Beginning July 1, SIU will be issuing a new, more secure “smart” campus ID card for students, faculty and staff that will include a chip like those used in the credit card industry.

In early July, new students enrolling for fall 2024 will receive an email with instructions about how to obtain the new card, including instructions on how to upload their photo and where to obtain their ID. Beginning June 15 and until the new cards are available, no ID cards will be issued to anyone on campus as the transition is made within the ID office at the Student Center.

Enhancing security

The current ID cards use a magnetic strip to store personal data and will be replaced by the chip card which is much more difficult to replicate and thus more secure, said Kent Epplin, Student Center director. The technology is contactless as users can “tap” to use the new cards.

In the future, plans call for updating the access systems for University Housing facilities so the students who live there will be able to access their residence halls using the new ID cards which will be keyed to provide secure entry to individual residence halls.

Likewise, long-range plans call for upgrading all other campus buildings to key card entry In as well, eventually replacing current entry methods of entry fob methods. No timeframe has been established for the upgrades, which officials say will likely be completed in phases with some overlap between the old and new systems.

Faculty/staff need IDs

Faculty and staff need an SIU ID as proof of employment, for access to faculty/staff events, employee discounts, parking and so forth. New faculty or staff members can obtain an SIU ID by presenting a photo ID (passport, driver’s license, military or state ID) along with their contract from Human Resources.

In conjunction with budgetary equity and planning, the departments employing faculty and staff are responsible for funding ID cards for their employees. The form for campus departments to complete for staff IDs is on the ID card website and campus budget account information should be provided when faculty or staff obtain their ID cards.  

Upgrade for less

The initial ID cards for all new students and employees are $15. Replacement cards are $30. 

Campus officials are providing a three-month grace period, from July 1 through Sept. 30, during which any faculty, staff or student may redeem their current ID and obtain a new chip ID card for $15.

The ID office, located on the second floor of the Student Center, is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Student IDs serve many purposes

The student ID cards are used for:

  • Debit Dawg.
  • Mass transit (Saluki Express bus service.)
  • Access to university facilities and events/sporting events.
  • Obtaining medical services.
  • Meal plan access.
  • Printing services.
  • Photo identification.

Students who live in university housing will be able to upload their own ID photos and the IDs will be printed and distributed to them along with their room keys at check-in this year, saving them a stop. Students must present a photo ID (passport, driver’s license or military or state ID) when checking in at SIU’s University Housing to obtain their new ID. Students who live off-campus or commute will still need to come to the ID office in the Student Center to obtain their new IDs.

For questions about the new IDs, visit the website, email scenter@siu.edu or call 618-536-3351.