Woman wearing eclipse glasses, looking up to the sky

January 10, 2024

Sponsorships available to enhance SIU’s eclipse festival

Sponsorships for various eclipse activities at Southern Illinois University Carbondale are available to enhance the experience of visitors in the area for the April 8 event.

Sarah Vanvooren, director of events and outreach at SIU, said sponsorships, ranging from $1,000 to $100,000, are a mutually beneficial partnership with SIU. They assist in making the Crossroads Eclipse Festival a success while simultaneously highlighting an organization or business.

“With an anticipated large number of visitors to the area, sponsors will be showcased in a variety of ways to hopefully drive business and traffic,” Vanvooren said. “Sponsors have the opportunity to generate positive public relations and showcase products and services for a once-in-a-lifetime – in our case, twice-in-a-lifetime – historic event.”

StraightUp Solar, a Missouri-Illinois solar installation company, is the first sponsor to officially sign on for the event, donating $15,000 as a community sponsor. The company, established in 2006, designs and installs solar power systems, battery storage systems, smart panels and EV charging stations for homes and businesses.

“StraightUp Solar is excited to support the festival and expo to bring together and educate our community on the wonders in our sky and the power of solar energy,” said Eric D. Schneider, director of business development for the company.

In addition to the sponsorship, StraightUp Solar also will provide an education outreach solar power demonstration trailer that will be on campus on eclipse day, April 8.

To learn more about sponsorships, visit eclipse.siu.edu/sponsors or email eclipse@siu.edu.