March 07, 2023

April active threat exercise: crisis planning and teamwork

The Emergency Operations Center orchestrates the response to on-campus emergencies. Several key departments assemble to become the center point for coordinating resources.

With leadership from the Department of Public Safety, the EOC has sections that address crisis communications on and off campus, operations to restore campus, logistics to manage facilities and transportation, finances and insurance, planning to ensure tasks are performed, and care for the physical and emotional needs of employees, students and families.

Because emergencies by their nature are unpredictable, the EOC conducts exercises each year with a simulated scenario to assess how several campus departments work together and to analyze strengths and assess areas for improvement.

Since fall, the EOC has been planning the 2023 “active threat” exercises scheduled for April. More information is forthcoming. In the meantime, you can learn more about emergency preparedness and procedures in various situations at You can also learn about emergency notifications and sign up for text alerts, if you have not already done so.