January 23, 2023

SIU Chancellor Austin Lane appointed to NCAA Honors Committee

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Southern Illinois University Carbondale Chancellor Austin A. Lane has been appointed to the nine-member NCAA Honors Committee. 

“I am extremely humbled to be chosen to serve with fellow members of the committee,” Lane said. “The achievements of student-athletes in academics, community service and leadership, in addition to their on-field athletic accomplishments, epitomize the NCAA’s mission in intercollegiate athletics across all three of the organization’s divisions. I’m honored to be associated with this integral committee in highlighting the accomplishments of each of these student-athletes.” 

Lane was nominated and appointed to the committee during the NCAA Convention earlier this month in San Antonio. Lane’s term expires in January 2025 and he is eligible for reappointment. 

The Honors Committee reviews the nominations and selects the recipients for the Theodore Roosevelt Award, Silver Anniversary Awards, Today’s Top 10 Awards, Inspiration Award and Award of Valor. 

Committee members include one current or former chancellor or president from a member institution, one member from each division and subdivision of Division I, one member each of the Division II and Division III management councils, and three nationally distinguished citizens, one of which must be a former NCAA honors recipient.