November 07, 2022

Art and Design faculty lecture series starts Thursday

A presentation on Thursday, Nov. 10, by Carolina Alarcón, assistant professor, art history, kicks off a new lecture series presented by faculty within the School of Art and Design.

Alarcón will present “The King Who Thought He Was Made of Glass and Other Things Leonardo Did Not Know: Art and Science in the Early Modern World” at 7 p.m. in the University Museum Auditorium. The event is free and open to the public. A reception will follow.

Alarcón said the lecture, which is based on her research, will speak to a generalized audience, “using Leonardo da Vinci and his career in science during the Renaissance as a framing device for the development of science and the importance of artists during this period.”

Mark Pease, associate director and an associate professor in digital media, said many of the faculty have been active through the COVID-19 pandemic until now but they have not been able to see a lot of what each other has been doing. He also noted that the School of Art and Design is spread out on several locations on campus.

“It’s a chance to share some of the great scholarly research going on in our department with each other and our students. Individually, a student might know the details of one faculty member’s work, but sometimes our faculty don’t know all the details of what we’ve been focusing on,” he said.