September 29, 2022

University honors course proposal deadline is Oct. 31

The University Honors Program is accepting course proposals from faculty for fall 2023 and spring 2024 UHON seminars.  Courses may be proposed in the faculty’s area of choice or along the theme for the year, which is “Culture and Cosmos.” 

The deadline to submit proposals is Oct. 31, with selections announced by Dec. 3.

Honors students are academic high achievers who take these seminars to fulfill their University Core requirements.

Faculty from all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply with proposals that are innovative in concept and design, subject and pedagogy from the sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences and pre-professional programs. Experimental and interdisciplinary approaches that integrate theory and practice, the university and the community are particularly welcome.

The goal is to introduce students to the foundations of intellectual inquiry in a comprehensive research university within the seminar-style model of collaborative learning.  Faculty and students engage in debate and discussion grounded in texts and materials that the class is considering. 

The course proposal form and guidelines are on the program’s website. For more information, call 618-453-2824 or email All proposals must use the University Honors proposal form.