September 26, 2022

Mandatory annual Ethics Act training begins Saturday

Mandatory 2022 annual Ethics Act training for all SIU Carbondale faculty, staff, graduate assistants, undergraduate assistants, volunteers, student workers and extra help workers will take place Oct. 1-31 on the . School of Medicine employees on the Carbondale campus will complete training using HealthStream.

As state employees or student or contracted extra-help workers, we have a duty to conduct ourselves in a manner that will maintain and strengthen the public’s trust and confidence in the integrity of Southern Illinois University. Furthermore, we are obligated to follow state law, which includes the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act. Annual Ethics Act training is a state law requirement and a condition of your employment or continued services. The training program is intended to familiarize you with the laws and rules that apply to functions you perform on behalf of the university and the state of Illinois.

To log in, access the D2L platform at using the Google Chrome browser, select “SIU Account Login” and sign in with your SIU account login information. If you have registered for the university’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) also known as DUO, options may appear. If so, select one of the options to complete the login process. You will then find the training course on the “Fall 2022” tab in “My Courses” on your D2L homepage. Review of the announcement and quick reference guides for accessing the Ethics Act training is recommended. The guides are available in the Ethics Act training in D2L and on the Labor and Employee Relations website

The annual Ethics Act training meets accessibility standards and is compatible with screen reading technology. Should you need the training in an alternate format, please contact the ADA office to request an accommodation at 618-453-5738. 

If you experience technical problems accessing the training or if you have questions about ethics training, please contact the campus ethics training administrator, Lori Foster, at 618-453-2474 or by email at If you have an ethics concern, please contact the university ethics officer, Michelle Taylor, executive director of compliance and ethics, at 618-536-3461 or by email at  

For more information, go to the SIU Ethics website at

Please keep in mind you will also receive a separate message within the next couple of weeks to complete the required preventing harassment and discrimination training.