July 28, 2022

Reminders on completed timesheets, secondary employment

The Department of Human Resources is reminding all university employees to properly complete the required monthly time-keeping reports and to follow the conflict of interest/commitment policy. 

The State Officials and Employees Ethics Act requires that university employees periodically submit time sheets documenting the time spent each day on official business to the nearest quarter hour (15 minutes). For administrative/professional staff and exempt civil service employees, monthly time sheets must be completed with actual hours worked, and any absences should be reported to the nearest quarter hour. The daily total should be at least 7.5 hours for a full-time position. 

Information listed on timesheets must also be reported to Human Resources per pay period. 

In addition, any time spent away from the university on official business should be reported as “university business.” Jury duty, bereavement and military leave should be reported as “other absence with pay.” Staff members should complete the time sheet and have it approved by their immediate supervisor. Departments must retain documentation pertaining to employee absences for a minimum of three years. 

Secondary employment guidelines 

The university recognizes that it may benefit from participation by administrators, faculty and staff members in external activities that enhance professional skills or standing or otherwise benefit the public. However, certain external activities may lead to conflicts of interest or conflicts of commitment. 

SIU Carbondale has adopted a policy and procedures to assist the university and its employees in determining the propriety and advisability of non-university activities and to create a mechanism by which the university can review and manage external activities to ensure that a conflict of interest or conflict of commitment does not occur. 

This policy applies to all employees.  More information on this policy is available here. The conflict disclosure form is available in eForms and is completed on a fiscal year basis (July 1-June 30). 

If you have any questions about your time sheets, please consult with your supervisor or email hrinfo@siu.edu. Questions regarding the conflict of interest/commitment can be directed to the Office of Labor and Employee Relations at ler@siu.edu or 618-453-6691.