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June 07, 2022

SIU Alumni Association awards more than $89K in student scholarships

CARBONDALE, Ill. — The SIU Alumni Association is awarding $89,250 to 62 new and returning students Southern Illinois University Carbondale students for the 2022 fall semester.

Funded by association members and donors throughout the year, the scholarships include more than $58,000 in regional chapter and legacy awards, as well as $25,000 in textbook awards to students in Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Delaware, and even Saudi Arabia. The association administers more than a dozen scholarships funds each year, with a goal of helping students fill critical gaps in their financial aid packages to attend SIU Carbondale. The money awarded goes to expenses, such as tuition and fees, as well as textbook rental or purchase costs.

The association is awarding 29 various scholarships along with 33 textbook awards. The textbook awards, for $1,000, cover the fall 2022 and spring 2023 semesters.

“Each year, our alumni uphold the tradition of Salukis helping Salukis by giving back to their alma mater,” said Jeff Gleim, SIU Alumni Association executive director. “These scholarships mean so much to the students who receive them, and it’s truly rewarding to share their stories each year.”

For students such as Audrey Meador, who is receiving a total of $7,000 from the Elizabeth Lewis Memorial Scholarship, the award is a weight off their shoulders as they seek to complete their education.

“I’m extremely thankful to be receiving this scholarship and to be a Saluki!” Meador said. “Carbondale has always been my home, and I love going to school here. This scholarship will allow me more time to focus on my academics and enjoy my last few semesters.”

For more information about association scholarship funds available to current and prospective students, visit

The scholarship recipients are:


  • Benton: Kelcie Bayless, Keith and Carol Sanders Alumni Scholarship, $6,000.
  • Carbondale: Sarah Denmark, Jackson County Family YMCA Scholarship, $1,500.
  • Carbondale: Audrey Meador, Elizabeth Lewis Memorial Scholarship, $7,000.
  • Carlinville: Eli Ratcliff, Prairie Capitol Chapter Scholarship, $750.
  • Carbondale: Kurtis Robinson, Jackson County Chapter Scholarship, $1,500.
  • Carlyle: Mackenzie Ebmeyer, Roscoe Pulliam Memorial Scholarship, $3,000.
  • Carterville: David Shelton, Williamson County Chapter Scholarship, $800.
  • Christopher: Maddie Banks, Keith and Carol Sanders Alumni Scholarship, $6,000.
  • Clayton: Daniel Finlay, Roscoe Pulliam Memorial Scholarship, $3,000.
  • Cobden: Olivia Brumleve, Legacy Scholarship, $2,000.
  • Cobden: Connor Hartline, Legacy Scholarship, $2,000.
  • Cobden: Madison Pitts, Union County Chapter Scholarship, $1,000.
  • De Soto: Logan Heller, Jackson County Family YMCA Scholarship, $1,500.
  • Du Quoin: Bailey Nehring, Alongi Legacy Scholarship, $1,000.
  • Du Quoin: Ethan Zettler, Alongi Legacy Scholarship, $1,000.
  • Evanston: Loreli Rojas, Chicagoland Chapter Scholarship, $700.
  • Geneseo: Mary Thomas, Christopher Columbus (C.C.) Jones Scholarship, $500.
  • Harrisburg: Lauryn Gribble, Rebecca and Jerry Kill Alumni Scholarship, $1,100.
  • Harrisburg: Rachel Hutchinson, Legacy Scholarship, $2,000; Saline County Chapter Scholarship, $550.
  • Jerseyville: Cameryn Brown, St. Louis Chapter Scholarship, $2,500.
  • Jonesboro: Anna Rodgers, Union County Chapter Scholarship, $1,000.
  • Makanda: Christopher Jerrell, Jackson County Chapter Scholarship, $1,500.
  • Morrisonville: Ava Saxe, Legacy Scholarship, $2,000.
  • Murphysboro: Simone Elliott, Jackson County Chapter Scholarship, $1,500.
  • Murphysboro: Lilly Rudolph, Jackson County Family YMCA Scholarship, $1,500.
  • Springfield: Kati Osmond, Prairie Capitol Chapter Scholarship, $750.
  • Peoria: Teagan Osborn, Rebecca and Jerry Kill Alumni Scholarship, $1,100.
  • Vergennes: Landon Buser, Alongi Legacy Scholarship, $1,000.
  • Williamsville: Riley Sanders, Roscoe Pulliam Memorial Scholarship, $3,000.

The list of $1,000 textbook award recipients by hometown are:


  • Bloomington: Maitri Koirala.
  • Carbondale: Mark Lenzini.
  • Chicago: Esmeralda Cantoran.
  • Chicago: Gael Espriella.
  • Chester: Jordanna Frazer.
  • De Soto: David Chapin.
  • Decatur: Baylee Rambo.
  • Decatur: Lillie Sherrerd.
  • Des Plaines: Adam Labno.
  • Du Quoin: Brayden McKinnies.
  • Du Quoin: Erica Taylor.
  • Fairfield: Alexis Thomason.
  • Flanagan: Madeline Nutgrass.
  • Princeton: Itzel Campos.
  • Makanda: Christopher Jerrell.
  • Mount Vernon: Gabrielle Halbach.
  • Murphysboro: Simone Elliott.
  • Rockford: Seraphine Ott.
  • Waukegan: Randa Salgado.


  • Tuscon: Emma Sullivan.


  •  Colorado Springs: Taylor Hawkins.


  •  Smyrna: Megan Dinsmore.


  • Duluth: Cole Blandford.


  • Cape Girardeau: Ella Overstreet.


  • Cordova: Ethan McCraw.

Student Alumni Council senior textbook award recipients are:


  • Carbondale: Jelisa Gaston, $500.
  • Du Quoin: Bethany Carter, $1,000.
  • Effingham: Emma Lagerhausen, $500.
  • Elgin: Christian Bialek, $500
  • Marion: Steven Kosco, $500.
  • Springfield: Katherine Held, $1,000.
  • Staunton: Malissa Huddleston, $1,000.


  • Farasan Island: Ibrahim Naseeb, $500.