May 26, 2022

Saluki Summer Bridge seeks course proposals

The 2022 Saluki Summer Bridge program is seeking faculty, staff, doctoral and graduate students to teach engaging college-level virtual courses on a variety of subjects to incoming freshmen. 

The free, two-week academic enrichment program is designed to help first-year students transition and adjust to college life. The students will participate in non-credit college-level courses, study skills workshops, study labs and campus resource seminars that will help them prepare for their first semester at SIU Carbondale. 

Each course session meets for 50 minutes, five days a week, July 18-29. After completing the program, instructors will receive a one-time $500 stipend. 

Although similar topics across disciplines may be accepted, suggested topics include: 

  • Humanitarianism and global justice.
  • Race and hip-hop.
  • Communication across cultures.
  • Creative research and leadership.
  • Transforming ideas to innovation.
  • Aspects of engineering and technology.
  • Forensic science.
  • Information and electronic systems technology.
  • Medical preparation: Human anatomy proposal guidelines. 

Proposals from all academic disciplines are welcome, with courses designed for college-level freshman. All proposals should include a general summary of the course, including learning objectives, themes to be examined, requested textbooks or materials, sample assignments, syllabus, and a final project. 

Resumes and proposals should be submitted by email or fax by Friday, June 10 to Renada Greer, director, Saluki Summer Bridge program, at or 618-453-6220. For more information, email Greer or call 618-453-6977.