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Susanna Munson, curator at the University Museum (left), and Anna Twomey discuss the Old Main Cannon in the University Museum at SIU Carbondale.

April 18, 2022

SIU Alumni Association investigates campus myths in new docuseries ‘Saluki Sleuths’

by Kamaria Harmon

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s diverse campus history has sparked entertaining legends, stories and questions that are passed down from generation to generation. The SIU Alumni Association saw an opportunity to dig deep and get some real answers. “Saluki Sleuths” is a new mini documentary series uncovering the truth through interviews with campus experts and research from university archives.

The first episode of “Saluki Sleuths” told the story behind the disappearance of the Old Main Cannon from SIU’s north entrance in the 1980s. Expert interviews revealed who removed the cannon as well as an attempt to bomb it.

The series comprises recorded, roughly 30-minute episodes featured on the association’s social media accounts.

Executive Director of the SIU Alumni Association and founder of “Saluki Sleuths” Jeff Gleim encourages people to get involved and learn more about where Salukis learn and work.

“The premise behind ‘Saluki Sleuths’ is this: Have you ever wondered about a story that you have heard that could be myth, legend or even a new discovery about SIU?” he said. “Well, if you have, that’s where we hope ‘Saluki Sleuths’ comes in and solves the mystery behind the story.”

Gleim describes “Saluki Sleuths” as an innovative way to engage alumni, staff and students in a world that’s becoming more and more virtual.

Anna Twomey, producer and reporter for “Saluki Sleuths,” said the most exciting part of this new segment is being able to discover who and what is involved in SIU lore.

“Getting to know people who are close and connected with these stories has been very rewarding. It’s amazing how deep their knowledge goes,” she said. “This series is all about uncovering new layers of information that is not widely known.”

The alumni association will release a new episode each month, taking a short break during the summer. If you want to stay updated on what’s coming next, you can follow the SIU Alumni Association on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The association will include updates and streaming times. You can also submit your questions and share your thoughts.

All episodes are free and publicly available.

Sneak peak

What’s coming next from “Saluki Sleuths”:

  • The real story of Faner Hall – was it meant to be riot proof?
  • The origins of Grey Dawg and why a Saluki was chosen as the mascot.
  • The pyramid outside the football stadium – the mystery underneath.

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