January 27, 2022

OIT urging departments to plan technology infrastructure projects now

With a major upgrade to network infrastructure in the Towers planned for this summer, the Office of Information Technology is urging campus departments that anticipate projects involving technology infrastructure to plan now. 

The Towers project is a major undertaking and will include the installation of 1,500 wireless access points and the removal and replacement of cable in approximately 1,300 rooms. The project will greatly enhance connectivity for students there. However, OIT indicates the project will start limiting the time that Network Engineering and Telecommunication Services can devote to other projects as soon as February, and it will consume all current departmental resources May 9 through Aug. 1. 

With sufficient notice and planning, Network Engineering and Telecommunications Services may have the ability to secure additional resources and schedule time for other projects. Early contemplation of these types of projects is also critical considering current supply chain issues. With technology components and chips being in very short supply, delivery times can be unexpectedly long and unpredictable. 

Departments anticipating projects that involve technology infrastructure, such as a network upgrade or the installation of network components, wiring or equipment, should contact Troy Wiseman in Network Engineering at 618-453-6264 or twiseman@siu.edu for an initial consultation in early February. Telecommunications requests can be submitted via Telecommunications service at oit.siu.edu/telecommunications/forms/tsr.php.