fall scene on SIU carbondale campus

November 19, 2021

Ceremony will recognize 124 retiring SIU Carbondale employees

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Southern Illinois University Carbondale will recognize 124 retired employees for their service to the university in a ceremony on Tuesday, Nov. 30 in the Student Center Ballrooms.

The ceremony begins at 10 a.m. The faculty/staff appreciation coffee precedes the ceremony and will be from 8:30-10 a.m. in the Student Center’s International Lounge. SIU is committed to protecting the community, so all those attending must follow current campus and state pandemic safety protocols and wear masks in shared indoor spaces.

The recognition is for university employees who retired between Aug. 1, 2020 and July 31, 2021.

The retirees had 2,654 years of combined experience with the university. Of these retirees, 55 had 20 to 29 years of service; 18 employees had 30 to 34 years of service, and two employees had between 35 and 39 years of service. One employee had 43 years of service and another had 47 years of service.

Employees being honored, listed by hometown, department and years of service, are:



Beverly Kaye Bates, College of Liberal Arts, 32 years.

Richard L. Gilliam, University Housing, 23 years.

Linda Kay King, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 14 years.

Dennis Dean Phoenix, University Housing, 30 years.

Sidney A. Rathert, Facilities and Energy Management, 10 years.


Richard W. Cole, School of Biological Sciences, 27 years.

Campbell Hill

Vivian S. Nagel, Accounting Services, 22 years.


Deborah Ann Abell, Procurement Services, 36 years.

Cris J. Anderson, Education and Curriculum, 11 years.

Susan Jeannine Banning, Family and Community Medicine-Physician Assistant Program, 12 years.

Michael B. Behrmann, College of Health and Human Sciences, 33 years.

Tina Ann Bruce, Facilities and Energy Management, 11 years.

Michelle Renee Bryant, Department of Public Safety, 25 years.

Shirley M. Castle, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 29 years.

Richard W. Clough, Anatomy, 33 years.

Patricia A. Diggle, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 13 years.

David Louis DiLalla, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, 30 years.

Brad Dillard, Facilities and Energy Management, 31 years.

Melinda Jane Ebel, Head Start Agency, 20 years.

Renee Lynn Eberhard, Department of Public Safety, 21 years.

Christina C. Fark, Center for Teaching Excellence, 27 years.

Eric Jay Fidler, School of Journalism, 16 years.

Cynthia L. Fountaine, School of Law, 11 years.

Frederick S. Hees, Information Technology, 30 years.

Harry Randolph Hughes, School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, 31 years.

Michael M. Lacey, Facilities and Energy Management, 43 years.

Mary Jo Landt, School of Education, 22 years.

Joyce Ann Lee, Facilities and Energy Management, 22 years.

Judith M. Marshall, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, 36 years.

Patricia M. Matthews, Undergraduate Advisement, 32 years.

Lisa J. McClure, English, 32 years.

Susan G. McFalls, Center for English as a Second Language, 10 years.

Kimber L. Monje, Office of the President, 21 years.

Nancy A. Mundschenk, School of Education, 29 years.

Kyaw Thet Naing, Family and Community Medicine-Carbondale, 24 years.

William Mark Popejoy, Facilities and Energy Management, 25 years.

Vickie J. Riley, University Housing, 12 years.

Janice C. Robinson, Family and Community Medicine-Carbondale, 11 years.

Collette Gail Ross, Student Health Services, 20 years.

Robert William Rowley, Cinema and Photography, 20 years.

Gary Robert Shafer, Aviation Management and Flight, 20 years.

Izumi Shimada, Anthropology, 27 years.

Terry L. Tefft, Library Affairs, 15 years.

Judy Ann Wright, School of Human Sciences, 29 years.

Johnell Young, University Housing, 25 years.


Walter D. Bogard, Facilities and Energy Management, 20 years.

Christopher Lee Evitts, School of Agricultural Sciences, 24 years.

Greg Ferketich, Office of Economic and Regional Development, 18 years.

Kevin Dean Finney, Facilities and Energy Management, 12 years.

Michael S. Harbin, School of Justice and Public Safety, 26 years.

John Mann, University Communications and Marketing, 27 years.

Susan Jere Patrick, College of Business and Analytics, 16 years.

Sonjie Ann Schwartz, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 32 years.

Loann Dinh Simmons, Facilities and Energy Management, 31 years.

Gregory Scott Simmons, Procurement Services, 21 years.

Duane Lowell Spencer, Facilities and Energy Management, 26 years.


Mark L. Goetting, Construction Management Services, 9 years.


Glen Howard Edwards, Automotive Technology, 9 years.


Sheryl Sue Furlow, Student Health Services, 28 years.

Jerry Carlis Monteith, School of Art and Design, 30 years.

Creal Springs

Gary Ray Robertson, University Housing, 9 years.

Neil Francis Saffelder, Facilities and Energy Management, 20 years.

Du Quoin

Keith W. Modglin, Student Center, 19 years.

Stephen Wayne Moss, Information Technology, 20 years.

Larry E. Sims, Graduate School, 12 years.


Jeletta Lynn Brant, Philosophy, 28 years.

Marilyn Sue Piper, Office of the President, 24 years.

Alecia E. Tucker, Facilities and Energy Management, 24 years.


Brenda Charlene Walker, Student Center, 19 years.

Forest Park

Thomas J. Hardin, School of Justice and Public Safety, 3 years.


Glen Blackstone, Workforce Education and Development, 19 years.

Phillip W. Greer, School of Journalism, 19 years.


Jen-Kan Kent Hsiao, School of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructural Engineering, 19 years.

Kathleen A. Jones, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory, 30 years.

Benjamin L. Komnick, Automotive Technology, 27 years.

Julia Moore, School of Education, 24 years.

Pamela J. Walker, Languages, Cultures, and International Trade, 22 years.


Denis C. Gwaltney, Facilities and Energy Management, 25 years.


Sarah E. Gibbs, Student Health Services, 15 years.


Ted William Grace, Student Health Services, 12 years.

Susan Jo Parks, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs, 25 years.


Tracy Ann Bennett, Labor and Employee Relations, 29 years.

James D. Hamilton, Budget Office, 34 years.

Lorianne Stettler, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, 15 years.


Georgia Anne Beasley, Information Technology, 28 years.

Janice Mae Bilyeu, AIS Office, 47 years.

John Frederic Erbes, School of Law, 27 years.

Dennis Followell, Department of Public Safety, 21 years.

Michael Howard Guetersloh, Facilities and Energy Management, 16 years.

Wayne K. Larsen, University Press, 20 years.

Angela Marie Moore-Swafford, University Press, 24 years.

Shelley M. Perez, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 20 years.

Randall Gene Popejoy, Facilities and Energy Management, 23 years.

Heidi E. Ramos-Zimmerman, School of Law, 15 years.

Cheryl Ann Reinhardt, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, 34 years.

Jennifer L. Watson, Human Resources, 34 years.


Lynn Marie Celia, University Housing, 12 years.

Steven Charles Ginn, Student Center, 22 years.

Joann Elaine Helvey, Facilities and Energy Management, 9 years.

Melissa A. Houghland, Vice Chancellor for Research, 14 years.


Laura J. Halliday, Linguistics, 21 years.


Shirley A. Davis, University Housing, 16 years.


Richard J. Bauer, Printing and Duplicating Service, 18 years.


Frank L. Marsaglia, School of Analytics, Finance and Economics, 1 year.


Sherida Jean Evans, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, 20 years.

West Frankfort

Carolyn Sue Gayer, Department of Public Safety, 26 years.

Michael Lamont Hood, Student Health Services, 17 years.

Debra Ann Martin, Facilities and Energy Management, 22 years.

Vicky Lynn McLaskey, Human Resources, 20 years.

Dawn M. Moake, Information Technology, 32 years.

Wood River

Robert Dale Shultz, Procurement Services, 14 years.


Janet B. Douglas, Information Technology, 17 years.


Heber Springs

Andra S. Collier, Bursar, 20 years.



Douglas Dean Owens, Workforce Education and Development, 17 years.


Estes Park

Sara Gay Beardsworth, Philosophy, 16 years.

Fort Collins

Glenn Stine, University Housing, 25 years.



Jeffrey W. Flesher, School of Education, 10 years.


Bonita Springs

James Craig Bigogno, College of Arts and Media, 15 years.

Palm Harbor

Diane Muzio, School of Health Sciences, 23 years.


Cathy A. Rigdon, Counseling Center, 11 years.


West Lafayette

Rae Morrow Goldsmith, University Communications and Marketing, 7 years.



Andrea D. Baker, Head Start Agency, 29 years.


Maryland Heights

Lisa C. Kenney, Office of Economic and Regional Development, 6 years.

St. Louis

Richard P. Winkler, Office of Economic and Regional Development, 10 years.