April 05, 2021

Flexible schedule summer program starts May 30

The university will offer an optional employee flexible schedule program again this summer. Employees may flex their hours in order to shorten a workday or work week. The program will begin May 30 and continue through July 31.

Participating employees may choose to take a half-day off each week or accumulate sufficient extra time to take an entire day off every two weeks. 

Supervisors will approve work schedules in advance and make the final determination as to how many employees are required to adequately staff operational needs. (Some departments may not be able to offer a flexible schedule due to operational needs.) Eligibility of employees is deferred to administrators, college deans, directors and supervisory staff. 

Eligible employees, by agreeing to participate, acknowledge no overtime compensation will be received as a result of working in excess of their regular 7.5 or 8-hour work day, and supervisors will not schedule employees to work more than 40 hours per week as part of a summer flex schedule. 

A summary of the program is available online. Please contact Labor and Employee Relations at 618-453-6691 with questions.