February 04, 2021

Vaccine information provided by health department

Distribution and eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine are determined by state and local health departments. The Jackson County Health Department provides the following information for faculty and staff. 

In general, SIU faculty and staff currently remain ineligible for COVID-19 vaccinations. Due to limited vaccine availability, the state COVID-19 vaccination plan establishes phases for vaccination, listing priority groups eligible under each phase. Individuals currently eligible for vaccination include health care workers in Phase 1a and persons age 65 and older and front-line essential workers in Phase 1b. The plan includes “education workers” in Phase 1b, but the Illinois Department of Public Health makes clear the sector includes only pre-K through 12th grade education and not higher education workers. 

Some SIU faculty and staff may currently be eligible for vaccination due to age or occupation. Persons who are first responders, health care workers (including dental and mental health), day care workers, farm workers, COVID-19 researchers, staff in congregate care settings or who provide direct services to students in isolation or quarantine are all considered currently eligible under state guidance. 

Jackson County Health Department continues to follow the state plan as required. JCHD will cancel vaccination appointments made by persons who don’t list their eligibility or who cannot provide ID/documentation at the vaccination site to verify eligibility. JCHD has no control over how other local health departments comply with the state plan.         

JCHD’s weekly COVID-19 vaccination update is posted every Friday at jchdonline.org. New developments regarding vaccination phases and eligibility are featured in the update.