February 04, 2021

Possible update to your email client required in 2021

In an ongoing effort to combat cybercrime, the Office of Information Technology is implementing another “best practice” recommended by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). The current effort is focused on ensuring that everyone in the SIU community uses a trusted and supported email client (the mechanism that you use to access email). 

This is not only an important security enhancement, but Microsoft (MS) will require use of trusted email clients later this year. Those who continue to use older or incompatible email clients will not be able to access MS systems and tools. 

For those who are unaware, the supported and trusted ways to access SIU email are by Outlook 2016 or newer, Office.siu.edu, Outlook on any mobile device, and Apple Mail on iOS devices. These email clients support modern authentication methods and provide the best protection for your personal information. It is therefore important for anyone not using one of these methods to make the transition as soon as possible. 

Faculty and staff who are already using a current version of Outlook 2016 or newer (such as Outlook 365) on their work or personal devices are already situated, and need do nothing. Faculty and staff who need to change their current email clients can download Office 365 and install Outlook. To get and install a new email client on a personal device, faculty and staff can download MS Office at https://office.siu.edu, and activate Outlook. 

SalukiTech staff can answer questions about installing/using an appropriate email client and/or downloading/moving to Outlook. Contact them at 618-453-5155 or salukitech@siu.edu.