January 13, 2021

Media Advisory – SIU Carbondale 2020 Fall Semester Graduation, Deans’ Lists

Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s fall 2020 degree candidates and deans’ lists are available here. The virtual commencement was Dec. 12, 2020.

The following lists are available:

  • Degree candidates and deans’ lists for students with a Carbondale home address, listed alphabetically.
  • Degree candidates and deans’ lists for students with a home address in Illinois other than Carbondale, organized by ZIP code.
  • Degree candidates and deans’ lists for students who live in states outside of Illinois or who live outside of the United States. The states are in alphabetical order and then by ZIP code. Students who have an AP designation are military personnel.

Please note: In the deans’ lists, the number following each student’s name designates year in school (1 = freshman; 2 = sophomore; 3 = junior; 4 = senior).  A “9” denotes a student who is either a senior with degree, unclassified, or a member of our MedPrep program.

A star preceding a student’s name signifies a 4.0 grade point average.