October 28, 2020

Media Advisory – SIU experts can speak about economic impact of Halloween and the 2020 election

During the next couple of weeks, two events – Halloween and the 2020 election – could significantly impact the economy of the United States. Southern Illinois University Carbondale has several marketing, economics and management faculty experts who can discuss the possible effects. Their specialties include decision making in marketing and retailing and investments.

The National Retail Federation estimates Halloween’s U.S. economic impact at nearly $9 billion, but COVID-19 pandemic restrictions may come into play. Likewise, the election and its results could have significant economic repercussions on the stock market and the overall economy.   

Some SIU faculty experts and their areas of expertise include:

  • Omid Kamran Disfani (kamrandisrani@business.siu.edu), assistant professor of marketing in the College of Business and Analytics, can share his expertise regarding managerial marketing, marketing strategy, data analytics, decision making in marketing and retailing and other related areas.
  • John Goodale (jgoodale@siu.edu), director of the school of management and marketing/associate professor, can discuss various aspects of operations, supply chain management and general management.
  • Kevin Sylwester (ksylwest@siu.edu), director of the School of Analytics, Finance and Economics, can offer information regarding the overall economy, the national debt and deficits, market outcomes, oil and gas markets, trade and globalization, the national debt and deficits, investments and other related and relevant topics.