September 21, 2020

Media Advisory – SIU School of Law experts available to discuss Supreme Court

With the Sept. 18 death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the expectation that President Trump will nominate a replacement for the nine-member court by the end of the week, the Southern Illinois University School of Law has Constitutional law experts who are available to discuss the impact of Ginsburg’s death, the nomination process and related events to reporters, photographers and news crews. 

Professors Cindy Buys, Cynthia Fountaine and Associate Dean and Associate Professor Steven J. Macias are each available to provide additional insight. All three faculty members will also be available to discuss the nomination when that occurs. 

To arrange interviews, Buys can best be reached by email at and 618/453-8743; Fountaine at or 618/453-8785 and Macias at 618/536-8464 or by email at