August 27, 2020

Security awareness training is available

Earlier this year, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) sent invitations to all SIU faculty and staff to participate in SIU's new Security Awareness Training. There has been extensive participation, but the goal is to have everyone complete the training. The university’s corporate security partner and OIT’s internal security team developed the training package.

This training provides users with the information needed to know what to look for and how to respond to ongoing and active cyber threats. As concepts presented in the training become widely known and practiced by the university community, the entire campus becomes better protected from cyber-crime.

This training is extremely important, with cyber threats at an all-time high and with staff adjusting to remote work. OIT strongly encourages participation and notes that many departments have instructed their staff to take the training due to its importance.

Staff needing access to the Security Awareness Training should send a request from their SIU email account to