August 17, 2020

New Hire Insurance Enrollment Period information

Faculty and staff are reminded by Central Management Services that new hires who qualify for the State Employee Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) have 30 calendar days from the start of their contract to make health, dental, vision, and life and dependent coverage choices.

Full-time hires may:

  • elect to enroll in the program, or
  • elect to opt-out of all coverage (except Basic Life coverage).

If coverage selections are not made within this time period, employees will automatically be enrolled in the Quality Health Care Plan and will not be able to make changes, opt out, or add dependents until the Benefits Choice Period (May 1-May 31).

All dependents’ documentations must be submitted within this 30-day enrollment period. CMS does not allow for any extensions or exceptions to this 30-day enrollment period. If contracts are received late, the employees’ 30-day enrollment period will begin at the start date of their contract, and CMS will not allow for extensions.

Part-time hires who work 50 to 99% may:

  • elect to enroll in the program paying percentage of the state’s contribution in addition to the member contribution, or
  • elect to waive all coverage (except Basic Life coverage).

Part-time employees are required to follow the same enrollment time periods and policies as full-time employees.

Information on insurance eligibility and a link to the State of Illinois Benefits Handbook is available at