July 30, 2020

Deadline for ‘Decal-By-Mail’ is Friday

The deadline for eligible faculty and staff to participate in the Department of Public Safety Parking Division’s “Decal-By-Mail” program is July 31. Only applications paying by payroll deduction will be accepted until that time.

All full-time faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the program. Part-time faculty and staff who are not or will not be enrolled as students may also participate. Graduate assistants and teaching assistants are not eligible.

Return all completed forms to the SIU Parking Division by email at parkingsupervisors@dps.siu.edu or fax, 618/453-4567. A copy of the “Decals-By-Mail” memo is available on the parking division website in the blue section labeled “Parking.”

For faculty and staff who miss participating in the program, decals for the 2020-2021 year can be ordered online at parking.siu.edu or visiting the parking division office in Trueblood Hall, 1175 S. Washington St., beginning Monday, Aug. 3.