July 16, 2020

International student restrictions rescinded

New U.S. restrictions on international students who take only online courses have been withdrawn following opposition by universities and higher education advocacy organizations. The restrictions, which were imposed by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), would have forced international students to leave the country if they were limited to online courses. The SIU System was among institutions in Illinois and across the United States expressing opposition to the ruling.

The restrictions “would have stifled our ability to provide full educational opportunities to our international students,” said SIU System President Dan Mahony.

“Last spring, the SIU System welcomed over 1,200 international students to our campuses and over the majority of the life of our system, international students have provided an incredible richness that has added to both the academic and the cultural success of our campuses, state and nation,” Mahony said. “Now was not the time to close our doors to those who contribute both academically and economically to our communities. We appreciate the efforts of all our elected officials who joined us in this effort.”