July 09, 2020

Health and dental insurance premiums increase

All health and dental insurance premiums for university employees increased beginning July 1 and will be reflected in the July pay period.  

Employees wanting to view their new premium rates should visit mybenefits.illinois.gov and login to their profile. For those who have not yet registered with MyBenefits, a helpful video that walks you through the enrollment process is available. 

Employees enrolled in Prudential’s supplemental long-term disability plan will see a 15% rate reduction. The new reduced rates have been renewed until July 1, 2023.  

On pay dates, employees are able to view their Statement of Earnings and new deductions at HR Self Service (HRSS).  A reference guide is available to assist employees with logging in or resetting passwords. 

HRSS and MyBenefits are excellent resources for employees to understand their current payroll deductions and access tax and insurance documentation.