March 31, 2020

Time sheet and benefit reporting process updated

Employees will not be required to complete “Employee Time Recording Sheets” (timesheets) in March and April due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Departments that require internal time reporting, such as plant and service operations, public safety, and others, may continue their usual practices. 

Employees may continue to elect to use approved vacation and sick leave for time that they are not working or not available to work. These requests should be submitted through the usual departmental channels for approval. Leave will be reconciled when campus operations return to normal. 

Human Resources previously announced that fringe benefit reporting has been suspended and will be caught up when faculty and staff return to campus. Those who received fringe benefit reports through emails on March 31 may retain those for informational purposes, but it is not necessary to return them to Human Resources at this time. 

Time entry will continue for Civil Service biweekly employees within the scheduled timeframes. Human Resources staff will assist units that cannot enter time remotely. 

The process for paying student employees is being finalized and will be communicated to campus this week. 

Questions should be directed to