February 13, 2020

Weekly ‘BigDawg’ lab sessions start Tuesday

The Office of Information Technology’s Research Computing Unit will start the “BigDawg” Spring Campaign 2020 on Tuesday with the first of 10 workshops that continue through April.

The workshops will provide SIU researchers and current BigDawg users with access to the most powerful computational computing hardware in the region. The sessions will start with an introductory presentation, followed by an open forum conducted by the BigDawg Research Computing staff.

The workshops are from 9 to 11 a.m. on Tuesday mornings. Pre-registration is not required; walk-ins are welcome. All workshops are in the OIT Training Lab, located in the Northwest Annex, Building A, Room A117.

The February workshops are:

  • Feb. 18 – “An Introduction to BigDawg.” The introductory workshop will provide basic information about BigDawg and the types of research its supports. The session will benefit researchers who are unfamiliar with BigDawg and its potential application to their research, provide basics about high performance computing, and explain how to request a BigDawg account.
  • Feb. 25 – “Running Jobs on BigDawg.” The workshop will explore how BigDawg runs jobs for multiple researchers, how space is allocated and how jobs are scheduled.

For additional information, contact Dr. Chet Langin via email or attend any BigDawg 2020 session.