January 16, 2020

Updated extra help guidelines, application available

Faculty and staff are reminded that Human Resources now has updated guidelines for the use of extra help positions available on its website.

These guidelines were established in compliance with Section 250.70 of the State Universities Civil Service Act. Procedural changes include the creation and maintenance of appropriate extra help applicant lists to include a review of qualifications and interview. In addition, extra help employees shall be compensated on an hourly basis at the same rate as a status employee in the classification most closely related to the extra help position.

In addition, a new, one-page application form has been created. Effective immediately, the application must be completed by all applicants for extra help positions. The application is available at hr.siu.edu/employment/extra-help.php

If there are additional questions, please email Employment Services at SIU.EmploymentService@siu.edu