November 25, 2019

Ceremony will recognize 147 retiring SIU Carbondale employees

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Southern Illinois University Carbondale will recognize 147 retiring employees for their service to the university in a ceremony and reception Dec. 3 in Student Center Ballroom D.

The ceremony begins at 10 a.m., and registration starts at 9:30 a.m. in the John W. Corker Lounge. This year, the faculty/staff appreciation coffee precedes the ceremony and will begin at 8 a.m. in the Student Center’s International Lounge.

The recognition is for university employees who retired between Aug. 1, 2018 and July 31, 2019.

The retiring employees had 3,308 years of combined experience with the university. Of these retirees, 77 had 20 to 29 years of service; 18 employees had 30 to 34 years of service; 6 employees had 35 to 39 years of service, and two employees retired with 41 and 43 years of service to the university, respectively.

Employees being honored, listed by hometown, department and years of service, are:



Cynthia Lee Fuhrhop, Human Resources, 21 years.

Betty Rodgers, Center for English as a Second Language, 29 years.


Ronald F. Krausz, University Farms, 35 years.

Eric C. Niederhoffer, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 28 years.


Kimberly Jo Sanders, Center for Rural Health-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 17 years.


Roy Allen Sims, Physical Plant Service, 12 years.


Om Prakash Agrawal, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes, 33 years.

Naushad Ali, Physics, 32 years.

Angela Genise Anderson, Physical Plant Service, 15 years.

Judith A. Archibald, University Housing, 11 years.

Elaine H. Atwood, Undergraduate Advisement, 24 years.

Rolando Bravo, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 27 years.

Rosalba Correa, Workforce Education and Development, 20 years.

William V. Crimando, Rehabilitation Institute, 38 years.

Mike R. Crouse, Bursar, 29 years.

Ronda L Dively, English, 24 years.

Stephanie M Clancy Dollinger, Psychology, 29 years.

Timothy J. Fink, School of Music, 26 years.

Loretta Diane Frew, Management, 24 years.

Tina J. Gerecke, Registrar’s Office, 21 years.

David Wayne Gilbert, ASA Automotive Technology, 22 years.

Dale E. Grob, Workforce Education and Development, 20 years.

Barry D. Hinson, Intercollegiate Athletics, 7 years.

Kenneth Lee Henderson, Intercollegiate Athletics, 28 years.

Denise Dawn Horton, Economics, 24 years.

Wen-Chi Hou, Computer Science, 30 years.

David Lynn Johns, Physical Plant Service, 21 years.

Alan Hyun-oak Kim, Languages, Cultures, and International Trade, 29 years.

Rosemary Kennedy, University Housing, 27 years.

Terri I. Lavin, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 15 years.

Joan Marie Looft, Library Affairs, 18 years.

Karen Stoelzle Midden, College of Agricultural Sciences and Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems, 33 years.

Sarah Merideth, Education and Curriculum-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 29 years.

Kamran Mogharreban, AIS Office, 24 years.

Rachel Sue Price, Information Technology, 21 years.

Subhash C. Sharma, Economics, 35 years.

Sandra Lee Shea, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield, 30 years.

Jean L. Stafford, Curriculum and Instruction, 14 years.

Michelle J. Suarez, Alumni Services, 33 years.

Rosanne M. Szekely, ASA School of Allied Health, 35 years.

Wayne M. Thomas, Student Center, 19 years.

Barbara Ann Tipton, Physical Plant Service, 27 years.

Richard C. Walker, Intercollegiate Athletics, 31 years.

Stewart Paul Wessel, ASA School of Architecture, 26 years.

Marianne T. Wilson, Physical Plant Service, 19 years.

Marian L. Woodside, Psychology, 29 years.

Edward C. Workman, ASA School of Information Systems and Applied Technology, 16 years.

Yvette Lynn Young, Recreational Sports and Services, 22 years.

Kay M. Zivkovich, School of Art and Design, 43 years.


Donald R. Bartlett, ASA Aviation Technologies, 9 years.

Mark E. Constable, Broadcasting Service, 29 years.

Denise Marie Erickson, University Housing, 13 years.

Douglas M. Gullett, Head Start Agency, 5 years.

Terri R. Harfst, Financial Aid Office, 27 years.

Gina R. McCann, Curriculum and Instruction, 21 years.

Pamela J. Nelson, Registrar’s Office, 29 years.

Charles Michael Rann, Financial Aid Office, 29 years.

Ralph Finley Tate, ASA Automotive Technology, 15 years.

Glory Anna Thompson, University Housing, 5 years.

Toni Gale Vagner, Library Affairs, 30 years.


Holly Elizabeth Duckworth, Head Start Agency, 22 years.

Alethea Renee England, Information Systems/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 21 years.

Ray Edward Houseman, Broadcasting Service, 32 years.

Crystal Renee Null, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield, 30 years.

William E. Null, Student Center, 28 years.

Denise Adair Vance, Financial Aid Office, 30 years.

Creal Springs

Larry L. Cludray, University Housing, 14 years.

De Soto

Beth E. Dallas, Information Technology, 16 years.

Julia K. Haug, Physical Plant Service, 19 years.

Kenneth G. Howard, Physical Plant Service, 20 years.

Brenda Joyce Lindsey, University Housing, 18 years.

Don Michael Redmond, Mathematics, 41 years.

Gary W. Stearns, Physical Plant Service, 18 years.

Du Quoin

Christine A. Barker, Alumni Services, 26 years.

Victoria J. Macaluso, Center for International Education, 21 years.

Grover Dale Ramsey, Physical Plant Service, 13 years.

Diana Lynn Tilley, University Housing, 20 years.


Mary Angela Randolph, College of Education and Human Services, 29 years.

Cheryl Lynn Russell, Public Health and Recreation Professions, 27 years.

James L. Seaward, Physical Plant Service, 13 years.

Ellis Grove

Karen S. Stallman, University Communications and Marketing, 6 years.


Dennis Michael Gould, Physical Plant Service, 14 years.


Evertt C. Porter III, Physical Plant Service, 11 years.


Karen C. Glidewell, University Risk Management-SIU University-wide Services, 22 years.


Paula A. Holthaus, Physical Plant Service, 9 years.


Terre H. Eversden, Workforce Education and Development, 19 years.


Richard L. Burks, University Housing, 14 years.

Daryl J. Johns, Physical Plant Service, 9 years.

Dianna Beth King, Financial Aid Office, 18 years.

Karla Jean Rankin, Undergraduate Admissions, 30 years.

Karen F. Rowland, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 23 years.

Thomas W. Sienkowski, University Housing, 24 years.

Johnston City

Jane Ann Meuth, Clinical Center, 30 years.

Karen Rose Sweiger-Veil, Languages, Cultures, and International Trade, 17 years.


Rebecca A. Jarvis, Evaluation and Developmental Center, 25 years.

Susan J. Moberly, Information Technology, 22 years.

Michael Bruce Reiman, Records Management, 24 years.

Melanie Rose Schmeck Registrar’s Office, 15 years.

Tina M. Shingleton, Alumni Services, 20 years.


Robin Lynne Adams, College of Liberal Arts, 25 years.

Mary L. Carruthers, College of Education and Human Services, 23 years.

Delores J. Donaldson, Recreational Sports and Services, 22 years.

Diane Fern Fritcher, Mathematics, 21 years.

Tracy Hosman-Kaytor, School of Law, 16 years.

Delores June Kerstein, Broadcasting Service, 17 years.

Renee Kirschbaum, Curriculum and Instruction, 18 years.

Paul E. Lannom, Recreational Sports and Services, 21 years.

Patricia Norris, Africana Studies, 22 years.

Beth L. Phelps, Department of Public Safety, 9 years.

Natalie S. Sutton, Political Science, 11 years.

Gilbert Dean Thomas, Physical Plant Service, 24 years.


Jana J. Bateman, Student Health Services, 25 years.

Donna J C Brantley, Bursar, 30 years.

Leonard Charles Brantley, Physical Plant Service, 20 years.

Stephen Oscar Buhman, University Communications and Marketing, 34 years.

Elizabeth A. Clover, Financial Aid Office, 20 years.

David Joseph Degenhardt, Physical Plant Service, 23 years.

Bruce A. Devantier, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 36 years.

Scotty Sean Dunning, Student Center, 20 years.

Janice Ann Fiorino Library Affairs, 29 years.

Dana S. Frazier, School of Law, 7 years.

Vera T. Gibbs, Physical Plant Service, 21 years.

Michele Lynn Hines, Flight Services, 26 years.

Cathy Janette Layne, Family and Community Medicine-Physician Assistant Program-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 29 years.

Maurice J. McCann, Finance, 30 years.

Cynthia Ellen Nehring, Financial Aid Office, 21 years.

Robert L. Oetjen, University Housing, 30 years.

Jacob Joel Podber, Radio, Television, and Digital Media, 16 years.

Wendy A. Preece, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 25 years.

Eva Pregowski, Rehabilitation Institute, 28 years.

Roseann Romero, Curriculum and Instruction, 20 years.

Suellyn Rowden, AIS Office, 22 years.

Dale Ray Schimpf, Physical Plant Service, 25 years.

Scotty Lyle Stanley, Physical Plant Service, 10 years.

Glenda D. Sullivan, Center for Rural Health-School of Medicine, Carbondale; 23 years.

Stephen Thomas Tyman, Philosophy, 38 years.

Janie Wright, AIS Office, 22 years.

Linda D. Wright, SIU Foundation Carbondale, 21 years.


Rhonda Sue Rothrock, Cinema and Photography, 23 years.


Jeffrey A. Cloud, Physical Plant Service, 24 years.


Michelle L. Richerson, AIS Office, 28 years.


Toni R. Atnip, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs-SIU President’s Office, 13 years.


Stephen Andrew Nagle, SIU Foundation Carbondale, 4 years.


Cape Girardeau

Barbara Elizabeth Hagler, Workforce Education and Development, 31 years.


Carolyn G. Kingcade, School of Journalism, 11 years.

Marble Hill

Sherri Killion, School of Journalism, 21 years.



Judy A. Henneman, Workforce Education and Development, 29 years.