November 25, 2019

More than 370 SIU Carbondale employees will be honored for their service, commitment

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. – Southern Illinois University Carbondale will recognize 372 employees for their service and commitment to the university in a ceremony and reception Dec. 3 in Student Center Ballroom D.

The ceremony begins at 10 a.m., and registration starts at 9:30 a.m. in the John W. Corker Lounge. This year, the faculty/staff appreciation coffee precedes the ceremony and will begin at 8 a.m. in the Student Center’s International Lounge.

The event will honor active employees with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service to SIU Carbondale. The employees have a combined total of 6,370 years of service to the university. There are 48 employees with 25 years of service; 15 employees with 30 years of service; 6 employees with 35 years of service; 2 employees with 40 years of service, and 3 employees who are marking 45 years of service to the university.

The following employees, listed by hometowns, years of service and departments, will be honored.


Alto Pass

  • 30 years: Gina K. Wiles, Student Health Services.


  • 10 years: Elizabeth Lenora Back, University Honors Program; Rachel A. Frazier, Registrar’s Office.
  • 15 years: Patty Ann Kelley, Information Technology.
  • 20 years: Brad William Dawson, Physical Plant Service; Kimberly Elizabeth Little, College of Business; Douglas James Simmons, Library Affairs.


  • 10 years: Heather Michelle Hollmann, SIU Foundation; Gerald Ray Speith, Office of Teacher Education; Randall Eugene Stanton, University Housing.
  • 15 years: Jeffrey T. Jones, Travel Service; Darla G. Phoenix, College of Education and Human Services.
  • 25 years: Tammy A. Phoenix, Student Health Services.
  • 30 years: Beverly Kaye Bates, College of Liberal Arts.


  • 10 years: Gregory A. Hoffeditz, Management.
  • 15 years: Jessie Q. Slaughenhaupt, Workforce Education and Development.
  • 40 years: Dan Robert Jones, Curriculum and Instruction.


  • 10 years: Nancy M. Gulley, Curriculum and Instruction.
  • 15 years: Matthew W. Harrison, ASA Aviation Technologies.


  • 15 years: Steven Eugene Ralls, Physical Plant Service; Ira Dugan Tripp, Physical Plant Service.

Campbell Hill

  • 20 years: Vivian S. Nagel, Accounting Services.


  • 15 years: Juliane Poock Wallace, Kinesiology.


  • 10 years: Carolyn D. Alexander, University Housing; Jared M. Borrenpohl, Public Health and Recreation Professions; Marjorie L. Brooks, Zoology; George A. Brozak, School of Music; Todd Bryson, Associate Chancellor-Diversity, University Housing; Siwon Cho, ASA School of Architecture; Ruplal Choudhary, Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems; Douglas F. Coons, Library Affairs; Deborah Kay Dalton, Touch of Nature; Paul Wesley Davis, SIU School of Law Library; Walter A. Davis, Undergraduate Advisement; Jonathan Arthur DevlescHoward, Student Center; Zhihua Du, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Caitlin Marie Entwistle, Theater; Amy Jo Etcheson, University Press; Mallory L. Gary, Public Health and Recreation Professions; John Charles Goodale, Management; Angel E. Gonzalez, Physical Plant Service; Shannon Diane Grotti, Registrar’s Office; Dale B. Hales, Physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Melanie E. Hammond, Registrar’s Office; Brien Wellington Hays, Undergraduate Advisement; Beth Andrea Heren, Center for Learning Support Services; Thomas Wayne Hovatter, Office of Innovation and Economic Development; Francisco A. Jimenez-Ruiz, Zoology; Kavita Karan, School of Journalism; Natalie Kizzire, Undergraduate Advisement; Bobbi Ann Knapp, Kinesiology; Lisa Jane Knight, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Jennifer M. Koran, Counseling, Quantitative Methods, and Special Education; Yi Lee, Center for International Education; James R. Lovvorn, Zoology; Jeffrey L. McGoy, Undergraduate Advisement; Grady A. Misselhorn, Undergraduate Admissions; Susannah N. Munson, University Museum; Logan O. Park, Forestry; William Samuel Patterson, University Housing; Roscoe Eric Paugh, Student Center; Mark Andrew Pease, School of Art and Design; Cynthia Lynn Popejoy, Bursar; Jean-Pierre Reed, Sociology; Jonathan William Remo, Geography and Environmental Resources; Vickie J. Riley, University Housing; Susan M. Rimmer, Geology; Gregory M. Rose, Anatomy-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Tammy Sue Sanders, Head Start Agency; Crystal Venerika Shelby-Caffey, Curriculum and Instruction; Sidney G. Smith, Family and Community Medicine/Physician Assistant Program-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Robert J. Spahr, Cinema and Photography; Eugene R. Talley, ASA Automotive Technology; Corey Eugene Tester, School of Art and Design; Wendi R. Zea, Theater.
  • 15 years: Amer AbuGhazaleh, Animal Science, Food, and Nutrition; Craig Kyle Anz, ASA School of Architecture; Betty Belbas, Physical Plant Service; Christopher Robert Blattel, Forestry; David M. Braeutigam, University Housing; David Keith Clark, Physical Plant Service; Elaine Conrad, Center for International Education; Nicole Davis, Animal Science, Food and Nutrition; Saran Donahoo, Educational Administration and Higher Education; Eric Jay Fidler, School of Journalism; Andrea Imre, Library Affairs; Amelia Beth Ketzle, Information Technology; Punit Kohli, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Elizabeth DiSimone Lydy, Student Health Services; Cheng-Yao Lin, Curriculum and Instruction; Douglas Eugene McCalla, University Housing; Christian Sebastian Loh, Curriculum and Instruction; Christopher J. Milazzo, Library Affairs; Jamison R. Moore, Physical Plant Service; AKM Mahbub Morshed, Economics; Cassandra Nicholson, University Housing; Olusegun A. Ojewuyi, Theater; Priscilla R. Pimentel, Center for Teaching Excellence; Steven Sawyer, Library Affairs; Xuhong Shang, School of Art and Design; Dan W. Walker, Travel Service; Belle Sarah Woodward, ASA School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies.
  • 20 years: Mark Addison Amos, English; John Michael Allard, Physical Plant Service; Frank E. Anderson, Zoology; Ralph Steven Barrett, Physical Plant Service; Paul A. Bennett, Student Health Services; Terry Clark, College of Business, and Marketing; Shad Collins, University Housing; Kenneth Lee Denbo, Physical Plant Service; Kathleen D. Dillard, Alumni Services; Renee Lynn Eberhard, Department of Public Safety; Bradley Hagy, ASA School of Information and Applied Technologies; Todd C. Headrick, Counseling, Quantitative Methods and Special Education; Scott E. Ishman, College of Science; Eric A. Jacobs, Psychology and School of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences; Karen L. Jones, Animal Science, Food and Nutrition, and Plant, Soil and Agricultural Systems; Sharon Kay Kelly, Curriculum and Instruction; Elizabeth S. Lentz-Hees, Workforce Education and Development; Paula M. Melton, School of Music; Faith Yvette Miller, ASA School of Allied Health; Kimber L. Monje, Office of the President-SIU President’s Office; Tara Dawn Moore, Human Resources; Emmanuel C. Nsofor, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes; Margaret N. Nsofor, Zoology; David Olive, Mathematics; Gina J. Paul, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Pamela A. Smoot, History; Clarissa Ann Voyles, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Sheryl Ann Walker, Undergraduate Admissions; James A. Wall, Radio, Television, and Digital Media; Ronald Thomas Whittington, Information Technology; Tamora L. Workman, Registrar’s Office.
  • 25 years: Tuesday L. Ashner, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice; John Tracey Bennett, Physical Plant Servce; Edward Miles Benyas, School of Music; Alejandro Caceres, Languages, Cultures, and International Trade; Christine Carol Cisco Public Health and Recreation Professions; Leslie A. Duram, Geography and Environmental Resources; Scott D. Elliott, Theater; Jeffrey K. Goh, Information Technology; Brian K. Gorecki, Physical Plant Service; Allison E. Joseph, English; Leslie A. Korando, Center for Environmental Health and Safety; John C. McCall, Anthropology; Chasity L. Shea, History; Izumi Shimada, Anthropology; Mark Joseph Wagner, Center for Archaeological Investigations, and Anthropology; Theodore R. Weeks, History; Carol L. Westerman-Jones, Undergraduate Advisement; Misty D. Whittington, SIU Board of Trustees.
  • 30 years: Brad Dillard, Plant and Service Operations; Kambiz Farhang, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes; John A. Hamman, Political Science; Harry Randolph Hughes, Mathematics; Patricia M. Matthews, Undergraduate Advisement; Loann Dinh Simmons, Plant and Service Operations; Gary Kevin Shepherd, Library Affairs; Raymond Francis Wacker, Accountancy.
  • 35 years: Deborah Ann Abell, Procurement Services; Jarlen Don, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes; Agnes H. Goh, Information Technology; Judith M. Marshall, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance; Tony J. Williams, English.
  • 40 years: Jerry P. Becker, Curriculum and Instruction.
  • 45 years: John Henry Burde; Forestry.


  • 10 years: Shannon D. Anderson, ASA School of Allied Health; Richard S. Beach, Library Affairs; Valery C. Behan, School of Law; Scott Alan Sims, Information Technology; Emily Jane Spann, New Student Programs; Maryl Janene Wildermuth, School of Law.
  • 15 years: Deanna R. Barnett, Center for Teaching Excellence; Scott P. Hendricks, Accountancy; Michelle Y. Kibby-Faglier, Psychology; Laura Elizabeth Lindsey, Head Start Agency; Susan Jere Patrick, College of Business; Michelle L. Weihman, Information Technology.
  • 20 years: Kevin Scott Collins, School of Health Sciences and ASA School of Allied Health; William E. Dozier, Department of Public Safety; Anthony Thomas Fleege, School of Allied Health; Tracy M G Lake, Student Center; Richard Allen Lentz, Physical Plant Service; Cheng-Shu Li, Anatomy-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Michael F. Robertson, ASA Aviation Management and Flight; Lynn C. Stocks, Intercollegiate Athletics.
  • 25 years: Stacey Elaine Fairchild-Cecil, Curriculum and Instruction; Michael S. Harbin, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice; Julie Anne Virgo, College of Science.
  • 30 years: John Thomas Allen, Department of Public Safety; Harvey Henson, Curriculum and Instruction, and Geology.


  • 15 years: Natasha Rae Telger, Workforce Education and Development.


  • 10 years: Lorenzo Vazquez, ASA Off-Campus Academic Programs.


  • 10 years: Bailey Charles Bunyan, Physical Plant Service; Adam Joseph Kaszubski, Physical Plant Service; Kevin Matthew Mayberry, Bursar.
  • 15 years: Julie A. Reese, Head Start Agency; Sally Jo Wright, Recreational Sports and Services.
  • 20 years: Sarah Buila, School of Social Work; Chris P. Bunyan, Student Health Services; Thomas N. Cerny, Student Health Services.
  • 25 years: Judith A. Sherwood, College of Engineering; Valerie Brooks Wallin, Undergraduate Advisement.


20 years: Marzine P. Rafe, Department of Public Safety.

Creal Springs

  • 25 years: Tammy Diann Collins, Financial Aid Office; Douglas E. Combs, Physical Plant Service; John B. Moss, Physical Plant Service.

De Soto

  • 10 years: Travis E. Thompson, Physical Plant Service.
  • 15 years: Debra K. Howard, Head Start Agency.
  • 25 years: Robert S. Hooper, Travel Service.


  • 10 years: Melanie Lynne Terbrak, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  • 15 years: Jeffrey R. Williamson, Information Technology;

Du Quoin

  • 10 years: Stephen Mark Brock, Information Technology; David S. O’Rourke, Physical Plant Service; Julie Ann Porter, Accounting Services; Amy M. Ramsey, Graduate School.
  • 15 years: David C. Gates, Physical Plant Service; Clyde William Gross, Physical Plant Service; Bridgette L. Sargent, College of Business; Raymond D. Shaw, Recreational Sports and Services; Rachel Ann Shurtz, Zoology.
  • 20 years: Jill S. Kirkpatrick, Bursar; Daniel Wayne Rudloff, Physical Plant Service; Elizabeth Ann Thompson, Center for International Education.
  • 25 years: Sharon R. Brooks, Office of the Chancellor; Susan Lynn Graham, College of Agricultural Sciences; Ami Ann Curry Ruffing, Vice Chancellor for Research.


  • 10 years: Stephanie Lyn Cralley, Accounting Services; Barbara Lynn Tuthill, School of Medicine Carbondale Administration CORE-School of Medicine, Carbondale.


  • 20 years: Michael Kopp, ASA Off-Campus Academic Programs.


  • 10 years: Eric S. Jones, Property Control.


  • 20 years: William Recktenwald, School of Journalism.

Freeman Spur

  • 25 years: Karin Lela Wece, Library Affairs.


  • 15 years: Elizabeth Ellen Heflin, Center for International Education.
  • 20 years: Alan Duane Rice, Physical Plant Service.


  • 10 years: Kylie Marie Brewer, Microbiology.


  • 20 years: Michael A. Wright, Physical Plant Service.

Granite City

  • 15 years: Thomas J. Lanham, ASA Aviation Management and Flight.


  • 10 years: Jeremy Scott King, ASA Aviation Management and Flight.


  • 10 years: Carolyn J. Harmon, ASA School of Allied Health; Chris T. Radake, University Housing; Stacy Lynn Sutcliffe, Physical Plant Service.
  • 15 years: Julie Ann Francis, Rainbow’s End; Christy L. Hamilton, Family and Community Medicine/ Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield; Rhonda Karla Kowalchuk, Counseling, Quantitative Methods, and Special Education; Malanda Rae Smith, Head Start Agency; Jamison John Tryggestad, Recreational Sports and Services; Shawn William Virden, University Housing; Jack Edward Young, Undergraduate Advisement.
  • 20 years: Eric Shawn Bond, Physical Plant Service; Tracey Ann Jarrell, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs-SIU University-wide Services; Mandara Savage, SIU Extended Campus; Melissa R. Viernow, Curriculum and Instruction; Pamela J. Walker, Languages, Cultures, and International Trade.
  • 25 years: Benjamin L. Komnick, ASA Automotive Technology;

Johnston City

  • 10 years: Terry A. Myers, Rainbow’s End.
  • 20 years: Debora D. Farthing, Physical Plant Service; Teri Stobbs Ricci, Plant and Service Operations.


  • 10 years: Josh Dale Tripp, Student Center.


  • 20 years: Heather Elaine Franklin, Curriculum and Instruction.


  • 10 years: Anneke M. Metz, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Walter Carl Metz, Cinema and Photography; Samuel R. Pavel, ASA Aviation Management and Flight; Jun Qin, Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  • 15 years: Danny Franklin Brewer, University Housing; Kevin Lee Cox, Department of Public Safety; Elizabeth M. Grotts, SIU Extended Campus; Mary L. Kappel, Aerospace Studies-Air Force ROTC; Corne Prozesky, Recreational Sports and Services; Catherine E. Wagner, Library Affairs.
  • 20 years: Daniel G. Douthett, Physical Plant Service; Jonathan M. Gray, Communication Studies; Dawn Donelle Legier, Office of Equity and Compliance; David E. Sutton, Anthropology; Karl Williard, College of Agricultural Sciences, and Forestry.
  • 25 years: Maria Rosa Fernandez Bell, Languages, Cultures, and International Trade; James R. Eagelston, Broadcasting Service; Cheri W. Kelly, Family and Community Medicine/Physician Assistant Program-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Charles M. Rendleman, Agribusiness Economics.


  • 10 years: Valerie Elise Boyer, Rehabilitation Institute; Marytheresa Marie Centore, Physical Plant Service; Valerie Jane Clodi, Department of Public Safety; Stephen W. Follis, Printing and Duplicating Service; Alaina R. Mevert, Printing and Duplicating Service; Diana Lynn Tigerlily, University Honors Program, and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies.
  • 15 years: Anthony Titus Fobs, Physical Plant Service; April J. Imhoff, Center for Learning Support Services.
  • 20 years: Jason Payton Bond, Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems; Richard Steven Raubach, Physical Plant Service; Marcia Kate Scott, Family and Community Medicine/Physician Assistant Program-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Amy Dawn Tallman, Curriculum and Instruction.
  • 25 years: Stacee Renee Luckett, Curriculum and Instruction; Quincy O’Neal Scott, Family and Community Medicine/ Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield.


  • 20 years: Jeffrey D. Chandler, Physical Plant Service.


  • 20 years: Roger G. Pugh, Achieve Program.

Mount Vernon

  • 20 years: Letitia L. Bullard, Information Technology.


  • 10 years: Aaron W. Anderson, University Housing; Jessica Nicole Carr, University Communications and Marketing; Mark J. Dolan, School of Journalism; Daffney Nicole Glasco, Head Start Agency; Amy Lynn Gould, Physical Plant Service; Michelle Lynn Hubbs, SIU Extended Campus; Betty J. Johnson, School of Music; Lyudmila Y. Kadyrova, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Tammy R. Kochel, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice; Ed O’Donnell, Accountancy; Anthony Ortiz, University Housing; Christina Ann Ripley, Physical Plant Service; Jennifer Diane Sewell, Intercollegiate Athletics; David John Uffelman, Office of the President-SIU President’s Office;Jerry Allen Witzman, Physical Plant Service.
  • 15 years: Marcus Adell Anderson, Physical Plant Service; Philip Michael Anton, Kinesiology; Amanda Carlene Ashby, Registrar’s Office; Lora Helen Bailey, University Housing; Sara Gay Beardsworth, Philosophy; Clayton Lee Cochran, Human Resources; Heidi Noelle Estel, College of Liberal Arts; Charles W. Garrett, University Housing; Patrick L. Jones, University Housing; Julie Partridge, Kinesiology; Richard B. Pierson, Physical Plant Service; Mark Stoffel, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts; Sherry D. Wendling, University Housing.
  • 20 years: Kathy E. Anderson, Physical Plant Service; Paul Warren Brinker, School of Social Work; Sandra Jean Fark, Curriculum and Instruction; Dennis Followell, Department of Public Safety; Jyotsna Kapur, University Honors Program and Cinema and Photography; Robert Douglas Neef, Department of Public Safety; Julia Ann Richmond, University Communications and Marketing; Charles M. Ruffner, Forestry.
  • 25 years: John Frederic Erbes, School of Law; Tina M. Evans, Curriculum and Instruction; Dimitrios Kagaris, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Elisabeth Reichert, School of Social Work; Sandra Kaye Schenk, Human Resources; Susan E. Wills, College of Education and Human Services.
  • 30 years: Cynthia Sue Alexander, School of Law; Louise Stearns, Curriculum and Instruction.
  • 35 years: Keith H. Beyler, School of Law.
  • 45 years: Janice Mae Bilyeu, AIS Office; Norman L. Lach, ASA School of Architecture.


  • 10 years: Randall L. Mohr, University Housing.


  • 20 years: Scott Dale Gilbert, Economics.


  • 15 years: Curtis Rickenberg, Physical Plant Service.


  • 10 years: Lynn Marie Celia, University Housing; Ryan Clay Cheek, Physical Plant Service; Cynthia Renee Heisner, School of Law.
  • 15 years: Diana L. Fisher, Physical Plant Service;


  • 15 years: Joshua James Morrison, Physical Plant Service.


  • 20 years: Laura J. Halliday, Linguistics.


  • 10 years: Angela Marie Raymer, Physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale.


  • 20 years: Mary Darlene Gilbert, Physical Plant Service.


  • 10 years: Kristen Marie Brown, Head Start Agency.


10 years: Molly Elizabeth Hamilton, Workforce Education and Development.


  • 20 years: Jeanne T. Kitchens, Workforce Education and Development.


  • 10 years: Brian R. Murphy, Department of Public Safety.
  • 15 years: Alicia Dawn Markley, Family and Community Medicine/ Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield.


  • 10 years: Erik M. Finney, Physical Plant Service.
  • 20 years: Sherri L. Phillips, University Risk Management-SIU University-wide Services.


  • 15 years: Mary Jane Yearian, University Housing.
  • 25 years: Rodney C. Robinson, University Housing.
  • 30 years: Dee Rotolo, Financial Aid Office.

West Frankfort

  • 10 years: Michael William McPhail, Physical Plant Service; Paul M. Price, Recreational Sports and Services.
  • 15 years: Michael Lamont Hood, Student Health Services.
  • 25 years: Carolyn Sue Gayer, Department of Public Safety; Pamela A. Thrash, Curriculum and Instruction.


Boca Raton

  • 10 years: Cheryl Burke Jarvis, Marketing.


St. Louis

  • 15 years: William A. Drennan, School of Law.


  • 15 years: Robert Bradley Palmer, Broadcasting Service.