outdoor fit court

Minxiao Wang, a doctoral electrical and computer engineering student from China, tries out the new Campus Lake Outdoor Fit Court.  (Photo provided)

October 31, 2019

Get in shape at SIU’s new Campus Lake Outdoor Fit Court

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. — There’s a great new way to get in shape at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Recreational Sports and Services recently opened the Campus Lake Outdoor Fit Court, offering students and others the chance to utilize a wide variety of fitness apparatus. It’s located on the Campus Lake trail, between Becker Pavilion and Bucky’s Haven picnic shelter.

Many options included

An addition to the many Rec Sports Fitness programs, amenities and assorted equipment already offered on campus, the new facility features a wide variety of new fitness equipment pieces.

Included are:

  • Dip attachment.
  • Loop post.
  • Kick-plate post with medicine ball target.
  • Post extension hanger.
  • Battle rope attachment.
  • Four-tier climber bar.
  • Extended pull-up bar.
  • Monkey bar bridge with globe grip side rail and cliff hanger side rail.
  • Push-up/inverted row bar.
  • Elite parallel bars.
  • Plyo steps.
  • Zig zag balance beam.
  • Stall bars.

“With functional training equipment we are training our bodies to be healthy and strong simply by utilizing our own body as resistance,” Corné Prozesky, director of Recreational Sports and Services (RSS), said. “Functional strength makes a body sound and free from pain. Activity is a powerful way to grow, feel great, keep healthy and thrive.”

No cost to use

The outdoor fitness center was created with students in mind but is open to anyone to use on a first-come basis. There’s no fee or security access required. The suggested hours of operation are dawn to dusk.

RSS staff members encourage everyone to check out the new fitness area and see how it can benefit them.

“A fit mind promotes a fit body and a fit body promotes a fit mind,” Prozesky added. “People achieve the best performances from their minds when they regularly exercise their bodies and they will get more from their bodies when they regularly exercise their minds. It’s that simple.