August 22, 2019

Take the “150 Challenge”

Faculty, staff and students are invited to get creative and show Saluki Pride as the university celebrates its 150th anniversary.

Grab a group of friends, roommates, coworkers, club members or anyone who wants to participate in showing Saluki Pride.

You can do a challenge alone or with friends, the possibilities are endless.

The important thing is to bring in the 150 theme to whatever challenge you choose — like Grey Dawg taking a picture with 150+ students, your challenge can be simple or as involved as you want to make it.

Fill out the 150 Challenge submission form and let us know what you are planning. The deadline for completing the form and submitting the 150 Challenge is Oct. 31 for chances to win prizes.

We will be sharing the challenges on our social media channels so everyone can see our 150 celebrations.