June 27, 2019

New evaluation forms go into effect July 1

A new performance evaluation form for civil service and administrative/professional (A/P) staff will be available for use July 1. This new form replaces prior versions of the two separate forms that have been in use since 2007. 

An internal committee was tasked with researching and developing a new form that would simplify and streamline the evaluation process. The result is a new form that is noticeably shorter in length. Rather than commenting on each performance factor, supervisors will complete only one summary addressing standardized performance factors, improvements seen or needed, goals for the next rating period and overall job performance.  The new form also allows supervisors and managers to work with individual employees to develop their own position-specific performance factor or choose from a list of suggestions. 

The form will be available for download from the AIS e-Forms site on July 1.