June 13, 2019

Campus recycling update

Sustainability is an ongoing process at SIU and recycling is one way to assure campus is greener and healthier. SIU’s Sustainability Office promotes a campus-wide recycling program that accepts a variety of materials.

Here’s an update on what’s happening with recycling:

  • Mixed recycling – metal, glass and plastic products – is accepted at the numerous recycling receptacles located indoors and outdoors on campus. At this time, the only plastic items that can be accepted are plastic bottles labeled #1 or #2. Look for the numbered triangle, typically located on the bottom of the bottle, to make sure it’s one of those numbers before placing it in the bin.
  • All types of paper can be deposited in the paper recycling receptacles placed in buildings across the campus. The containers are usually found in or near office areas or paired with mixed recycling bins.
  • Go online to siu.edu/recycle to print handy bin labels and signage, especially designed by students, to use in your area of campus. Facility managers can email sustainability@siu.edu with any questions about labels and/or bin placement.
  • Find out more about recycling and the numerous other SIU sustainability initiatives at sustainability.siu.edu, by calling 618/453-2846 or emailing sustainability@siu.edu. The website features all of the most current SIU sustainability information.