May 23, 2019

Upcoming road, repaving work on campus

Motorists on campus need to be alert for several upcoming road and repaving work projects over the next several weeks. 

Work along Saluki Drive beginning on Tuesday should not take more than two weeks. 

ET Simonds is in charge of the repair work and will provide traffic control. Traffic will be rerouted, if needed, by utilizing a small access road to the Arena parking lot or through parking lot 56, south of Saluki Drive. There will be no parking lot closures. 

Once that work is complete, a two-phase project to repave a section of Lincoln Drive from Poplar Avenue to Normal Avenue north of Woody Hall and Pulliam Hall, along with work to repave Lot 9, just west of Pulliam Hall, will begin. With cooperating weather, those projects should be complete by mid-July. 

SIU crews have already started replacing deteriorated curb along Lincoln Drive in preparing for milling and asphalt overlay. That work is not affecting traffic along Lincoln Drive.   

Lincoln Drive repaving will occur in two phases: 

  • Phase 1:  The Poplar Avenue/ Lincoln Drive intersection will be shut down for a short time and traffic rerouted to use the Normal Avenue entrance to Lincoln Drive in order to provide parking in parking lot 7 and provide Pulliam Hall access.
  • Phase 2: Lincoln Drive will be closed to traffic from Normal Avenue to just east of the Poplar Avenue/Lincoln Drive intersection for the milling and asphalt overlay. The intersection will be open during this phase to provide access to parking lot 7 and provide Pulliam Hall access.  

Traffic control measures will be in place, and Normal Avenue will be open at all times. Motorists will be able to use parking lot 5, north of Woody Hall, to get to parking lot 7, as well.  

Lot 9 repaving project 

ET Simonds will repave and rework the asphalt section. Parking in lot 9 will not be available while this work is being finished. Staff and students will need to park in lot 7 during this work. The project should take a week or so.